Skincare Rx: Medical-Approved Skin Saviors

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Suffering from skin problems? Every woman has those appeared-overnight wrinkles, under-eye circles you just can’t cover up, dry skin that doesn’t respond to regular ol’ lotions…. The issues are, unfortunately, endless! Doctor knows best for skin snafus like these, but that doesn’t mean you have to book that impossible-to-get appointment with your dermatologist. Check out some of these skin treatments that are backed by dermatologists, no waiting room time necessary!

-Cait Rohan

Dr. Brandt is a derm-turned-product-purveyor with years of experience, practice, and patients in both Miami and New York under his belt. So, I’ll trust that doctor knows best when it comes to one of the peskiest skin probs—dark, undereye circles! dr. brandt’s dark circles away ($55) brightens those dark bags with stuff like collagen to improve luminousity, decrease puffiness and keep your undereye area moisturized!


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