Faves & Fails from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012

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Schoolgirl chic:
This one comes around every FW season, or so it seems. And while the expected plaids abounded (as well as a houndstooth takeover!), some of the cuts were a little too young to ever be taken seriously. Case in point: This pinafore-Little-House-on-the-Prairie number by Rodarte. The fluttery sleeves with the girlie-style bodice AND the fluttery bottom is too flighty for an adult female. Then, Marc Jacobs really muffed it up with this fugly frock that looks like an ugly Catholic school uniform and/or nun habit with a gym pinny over it.

The verdict: While many of the prints were pretty, the cuts were all wrong. Hopefully many of the brands us minions wear will keep the patterns but ditch the bizarre tailoring choices.

Photo credit: style.com for Rodarte & Marc Jacobs


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  • Sirmera:

    Loved all but the fury looks. UGH!!!!

  • Crispy:

    Love the neutral colors

  • rugame2:

    These need a burst of color

  • avatar

    Oh I did not like any of these at all-especially the neutrals and fur! I want some color!

  • OohLaLovie:

    In the aspect of Fashion as Art, the architect of these pieces are done well. But as ready-wear, I could see some working and others needing work.

  • poetic1ali:

    What I like about runway fashion is that it can be beautifully artistic. I like to see the fashion to pick out signature pieces or ideas that are wearable for the everyday fashionista. Not to hip on some of these together, but deconstructed can be very wearable for a girl like me. I have to agree with the neutrals overkill … reminds me of the color blocking without any real color. Wierd. But otherwise, looking forward to a few springy pieces to update the wardrobe! ;o)


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