Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Menu

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Like Mom always said, “If you can cook for a man, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand!” This Valentine’s Day, perhaps the best gift you could give is a home-cooked meal for two…especially if you’re one of those anti-Hallmark types that hasn’t booked a restaurant rezzie. It’s more budget-friendly and infinitely more intimate to eat alone with your boo!

-Maureen Meekins

Betty Crocker’s Red Pepper Filled Appetizer Hearts will set the stage for the rest of your romantic meal. Besides the lovey-dovey heart shape, these babies are bursting with flavor in every bite. The delicious blend of garlic and herb cheese, red bell peppers, oregano and butter all wrapped in that classic Bisquick pastry crust will have him lusting for more.


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