Love Your Body with the Perfect Dress

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Us girls may not all have the same body shape going on, but we do have one thing in common—we love finding a dress that fits like a glove! Whether you’re slim or have show-stopping curves, you can love your body and work those assets in the best way possible. And what better way to show your shape the love it so deserves than around Valentine’s Day? See our fave frocks for five shapes!

-Nicole DeBari

SPOON: Do you have a smaller bust and larger hips/bottom? You’ll want to direct all the attention up, up, up! Delia’s Pleat Front Dress ($39.50), is the perfect fit for our pear-shaped women, since the ribbing on top draws eyes upward, the waist hits just right, and the flowy skirt flounces out in light layers without being too fluffy. The royal blue color is slimming but a nice alternative to too-basic black.


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