Girl-Approved Drinks for Super Bowl Sunday

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the men are in charge of one thing: beer. But you’d rather sip ice water than wash down all that delish food with a gulp of their boyish brews! If your taste buds aren’t too keen for anything that comes in a keg, try a few of these female-friendly beverages that correspond with the Pats and G-Men. Some are DIY team-themed drinks and some are (gasp!) really unique bottled beers. Your game-day guests will love your new take on the touchdown toast no matter who they’re rooting for.

-Tricia Carr


Carrie Bradshaw made cosmos the drink of NYC circa the late ’90s. Now female Giants fans can cheers to the home team with an updated version of the signature cocktail of New York women. Shake up Cointreau’s White Cosmopolitan with vodka, Cointreau, white cranberry juice and lemon juice, and serve in a chic martini glass.


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