Healthy & Easy Ways to Make Over Your Lunch Menu

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You’ve probably heard the old adage, Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Merchant and dinner like a Pauper, but if you have time in the morning to make a spinach mushroom egg white omelet with toast and fresh fruit, then most of us don’t want to hear about it because: 1. We’re jealous and 2. We’re too busy applying mascara while mentally constructing an outfit for the day and wondering how long the line is at Starbucks and if the Starbucks across the street might be faster…to even think about stepping foot in the kitchen before leaving the house.

So if a skinny latte is your breakfast, lunch might be your first real meal of the day and the most important in setting your energy and health. Don’t fall into the lunch rut with foods that are just empty calories, and don’t get fooled by hidden calories. Check out the following suggestions for lunch dos and don’ts and you’ll feel like a king…all day!

Lose the Rut: Usually you have only a few choices of places to eat near work and limited time, so it’s easy to grab the usual. Not only is a lack of food diversity boring, but you might be inadvertently eating calories or unhealthy and processed foods that can lead to low energy and sub-optimal health.

If you routinely eat at diners or fast-food restaurants, take a look at their full menus and try a new dish based in vegetables and lean meats. Remember, simple adjustments like calorie-rich sauce on the side or whole fruit instead of coleslaw can often shave 600 calories off a meal! Also, many restaurants offer “heart healthy” or low-carb menu options, so check that part of the menu out first and don’t be afraid to try something new! Take a look at for some specific heart-healthy menu items.

-Star Varga from VegaStar Productions

Star Varga is the Producer at VegaStar Productions. GetUrMojo is a growing community-driven organization that’s founded in the primary belief that mojo is a necessary part of life. Job ruts, career changes, relocation or just the same old routine wear away at mojo.

GetUrMojo is a community dedicated to Rediscovering Passion, Growing from Giving, Getting Inspired and Shaking the Routine through quarterly events, activities and workshops that bring great minds together at fun events for healthy and invigorating refills of mojo.


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  • Alison Ferrara:

    Greek Yogurt Blue Cheese has 1/2 the fat and cals – I am a fan :)

  • mamazang:

    Good tips if only my willpower can hold to them

  • princess159:

    Nice recipes good tips

  • robyn:

    frozen meals are quick and easy for lunch

  • luvapril:

    Great advice :)

  • avatar
    Carmen Adorno:

    Cool info.

  • gtg434x:

    I wish restaurants had to make people more aware of this. I’ve done a lot of research on different calories, sugar, fat and everything at restaurants and oftentimes, it ends up being the fish or salad that is the worst for you because they add so much sugar to the dressings and sauces that it ends up being almost like eating cake! I even found a lot of places put sugar on their grilled chicken to make it taste better.

  • browniej12:

    I liked the salad awareness tip. Dressing can ruin a perfectly good diet day.

  • cctaff16:

    Love it!

  • penelope:

    these are good tips. I have to practice thoughhh!

  • shailyn89:

    these are great tips I need all the help i can get!

  • Crispy:

    Love that quote

  • OohLaLovie:

    good tips

  • xomelissamarie:

    I always use spices in just about anything I cook, it can really liven up a meal.


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