Beauty to Bring Out Your Inner Ice Queen

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Every gal should have a perfect nude lip in her stash. Before applying, be sure to moisturize that smacker with your favorite balm. One of my favorite nupe lippies? e.l.f.’s Matte Lip Color in Natural ($3) is a jumbo lip pencil that looks stunning on women of all complexions. Apply a generous coat and, for some extra flava, line your lips with a brown lipliner.


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  • frugalista757:

    have you ever tried any of these items?

    What is your favorite wintry look?
    a hat 9beanie) and scarf

    What are your go-to colors for looking fab when it’s cold?
    white, mustard yellow, browns, grey

  • gtg434x:

    I love dark smoky shades for the winter! It really makes my paleness not look so bad!

  • hmmmocha:

    I like those winter shades. They come in handy when you want that “daring” look for an evening out.

  • ripsimev:

    i prefer warmer tones…

  • Joy:

    These makeup articles, we need pictures of the product on a model so we can see what it looks like on skin not just from the packaging.

  • Joy:

    I love wet n wild products – so cheap you can experiment with different things

  • armywife29:

    Love the E.L.F Mattle lip color!

  • Crispy:

    Loooove these! I love winter

  • penelope:

    love the nail polish

  • avatar

    I have tried the eld lip color (natural) I will try the nail polish in tart.

  • princess159:

    Love silver will try the colors


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