Beauty to Bring Out Your Inner Ice Queen

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Winter is clearly here and even Floridians like me are battling temperatures in the 40s! Yikes! The one good thing about these chilly temps is that you don’t have to just feel like an Ice Queen; you can look like one, too. These quick style suggestions will let you snuggle under the covers a little longer and still have enough time to look f-f-fabulous!

Nothing screams “ice cold” like silvery eyes (yes, even more than Andre 3000). Wet ‘n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Steal My Thunder ($2.99 on is the palette to achieve this look. This trio is great at doing smoky and silvery eyes—because the silver is so pigmented, you can control the intensity. If you’re feeling a little more muted, use these colors sparingly.

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  • frugalista757:

    have you ever tried any of these items?

    What is your favorite wintry look?
    a hat 9beanie) and scarf

    What are your go-to colors for looking fab when it’s cold?
    white, mustard yellow, browns, grey

  • gtg434x:

    I love dark smoky shades for the winter! It really makes my paleness not look so bad!

  • hmmmocha:

    I like those winter shades. They come in handy when you want that “daring” look for an evening out.

  • ripsimev:

    i prefer warmer tones…

  • Joy:

    These makeup articles, we need pictures of the product on a model so we can see what it looks like on skin not just from the packaging.

  • Joy:

    I love wet n wild products – so cheap you can experiment with different things

  • armywife29:

    Love the E.L.F Mattle lip color!

  • Crispy:

    Loooove these! I love winter

  • penelope:

    love the nail polish

  • avatar

    I have tried the eld lip color (natural) I will try the nail polish in tart.

  • princess159:

    Love silver will try the colors


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