Hawaiian-Inspired Recipes for a Winter Luau

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When it seems like winter will never end, warm up the kitchen to get rid of the cold-weather blues! Sure, there’s Christmas in July, but when you need an excuse to celebrate the summer in the dead of winter, invite your friends over for a luau. Heat up the oven, collect some leis, search YouTube for tropical tunes…and forget you were ever in a cold-front funk when you cook up these colorful party foods!

-Tricia Carr

FifteenSpatulas.com’s crunchy oven-baked Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi is something to sink your teeth into ASAP. Cut the finished fish into bite-sized pieces and serve with these fun flamingo toothpicks ($7.10 for 96 on Amazon.com) to keep this dish hands-free.


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  • Christina:

    I’ve been to Hawaii once, and this is a great way to make me feel like I’m revisiting.

  • Stephanie Price:

    Thanks for sharing the recipies too!!!! Have to try the shrimp.

  • avatar

    I had a luau party last year and we had a blast. I wish I would have known about these tropical recipes.

  • Crispy:

    We did a Hawaiian themed birthday for a friend once since she hates the cold haha


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