How to Throw a Miss America Viewing Party

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Pageants are an American tradition, a battle amongst the most beautiful and brightest women of the new generation…and they sometimes seem a bit odd to us non-supermodel types. Even if you’re not a pageant fan, the Miss America pageant piques every woman’s curiously when it comes around in January (this year’s is tomorrow, January 14!). Admit it—you don’t have plans this weekend because there is nothing to do during the winter until V-Day. So, this Saturday, perk up, show your guests in with your best pageant wave and throw a ridiculously fun Miss America Viewing Party!

-Tricia Carr


Pajamas are simply unacceptable for a pageant party. Deck yourself out in some cheapie dresses and accessories and you might be able to trick Kris Jenner (yep, she’s one of the judges!) into choosing you for runner-up.

THRIFED PROM DRESS: Where can you find a used, maybe stained, prom dress that sticks to your minuscule budget? Once you’ve rounded up your guests, head to your local thrift store where you can find some bad prom frocks and old-school bridesmaid’s dresses that’ll make for a drop-dead-gorg photo shoot later in the night.

PAPER BAG DRESS: If even the cheapest thrift store dress is over your budget, collect some brown paper bags, scissors, masking tape and washable markers and have guests create their own dresses and pageant sashes. The dress can be as simple as a mini secured in back by tape, or go all-out and create straps, a layered skirt, flowers—whatever—out of items on hand!

$1 CROWN: Any dollar store or party supply place will have a stock of sparkly crowns (they might be for kids—so what!) like’s Princess Tiaras ($5.99 for 6 pieces). Have a comb so you can stick ‘em in your poufy pageant updo!

PRINT A MASK: Skip hair/makeup and print this mask from TLC. It’s kinda scary but, hey, sometimes you gotta suck it up for that crown! 

PERSONALIZED SASH: After you’ve made your sash from a brown paper bag or an old sheet, each one must have a silly saying that perfectly describes each guest—Miss Talks-A-Lot, Miss Shoe Hoarder or Miss Only-Dates-Rich-Guys.

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  • Corinne:

    You’re not alone sister! If I can’t actually MAKE it TO the pageant, I have a party with all my girlfriends. I already have my top 15 narrowed down for this year’s pageant in September!

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  • jasminesmommy:

    I’m not a fan of these pageants either!

  • Joy:

    I’m not a fan of these pagents

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    Nice party ideas.

  • Crispy:

    pretty yellow!

  • princess159:

    Wonderful idea

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    very cool


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