5 Steps to a New Dating You

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We love the New Year…a clean slate and an opportunity to refresh and renew lies ahead. But, we also know that the turning of the clock doesn’t create that greatness…YOU have to get in your own dating game, in a BIG way, if you want to win at it. So, say goodbye to love lost or never found in 2011 and hello to the possibilities in 2012! Here are five steps to help you be the best dater this year.

#1: Let go! The more intensely and intently we hold onto the past, the more impossible it becomes to reach into the future. Decide TODAY that you will let go of past trauma, of relationships gone wrong, of whatever hasn’t been working. Only then can you embrace what could be next.

-Tristan Coopersmith & Janis Gaudelli, Founders of The BreakUP Club

The BreakUP Club is a female-owned and operated organization dedicated to female empowerment and helping women feel, heal and seal the hurt of heartbreak. The organization is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and offers local workshops, national online workshops, private one-on-one sessions and teleseminars. For more information, visit break-upclub.com.


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