Easy New Year’s Day Brunch Idea from Hospitality Expert Emillio Mesa

Now that Christmas is over, New Year’s is up next!

Since New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday, why not take that Sunday (New Year’s Day) to celebrate (and recuperate) with the first brunch of 2012?

Since everyone will be tired (er, and probably hungover), keep it simple!

What You’ll Need:

Champagnes/Sparkling Wines


Eggs (any style)

Your favorite salads

Any leftovers from the night before

What You’ll Do:

Set-up: On your table or counter, set up glasses of champagne or clear plastic cups. The same goes for plates and utensils: keep it simple and just buy clear plates and utensils (if you don’t want to wash dishes after). Set the bubbly out in buckets with your favorite juice options: orange juice, peach, pomegranate, etc. Give your guests the option to make their own mimosas (you can get creative by cutting up different pieces of fruit to put in the drinks: strawberries, kiwis, oranges, peaches, etc…just to add a bit of color and fun).

Food: The only light cooking is with the eggs. As an extra side, cut up pieces of your favorite bread(s). (I personally prefer a French baguette and/or whole wheat roll, with a pat of butter!)

For the salad, keep it simple! Gather your favorite greens, cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots…and just have a selection of dressings for your guests to choose from.

Encourage guests to bring any leftovers from last night, or set out your own!

Ambiance: Create a playlist of songs that you and your friends enjoy to set the tone for the first day of the new year!

-Emillio Mesa of Brunch Republik

Emillio Mesa has spent the past 11 years as a professional Events Director for hotspots such as Cain (NYC, The Hamptons and Miami); an Events Planner for corporate luxury goods, celebrities and weddings for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Mont Blanc, Armani Exchange and Donald Trump to name a few; and as Head Concierge where he launched three of the most exclusive hotel properties in NYC.

This tri-lingual and international traveler counts global pop culture, cuisine, entertainment and film as his personal passions. As a TV host/producer, storyteller, idea generator, planner, artist, and (most importantly) specialist for the hospitality and lifestyle sectors, he has been profiled by Vogue, Metrosource, New York Observer, Biz Bash and Club Systems Intl. He is the Founder and Creative Director of BRUNCH REPUBLIK (a site based on the principles of The Lost Art of Hospitality with interviews, customer service tales,”hidden gems” and “Citizens”). In his role as arbiter of the New Young Philanthropists, he is presenting an exclusive cause-related art salon that will rotate “The Brunch” series.

For more info (check out brand-new videos and articles!): BrunchRepublik.com
Follow: facebook.com/Emillio.Mesa and twitter.com/EmillioMesa

GIRL TALK TIME: What will you be doing on New Year’s Day? What do you think of this easy brunch idea?


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  • chloe0614:

    love it!

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    great tips!

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  • nich:

    I like the tips, not sure what I will be doing. I am going to a NYE party so I will probably be tired.

  • Joy:

    not sure what we have planned for New Years. It’ll be good though.

  • Lisa M:

    Going to brunch tomorrow.. definitely will try some of these tips!

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    I love the brunch idea


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