Holiday Travel Tips from Hospitality Expert Emillio Mesa

Spending the holidays with your loved ones is tons of fun…but getting there can a real drag. Even if you’re traveling to a warm, sunny island sans any annoying family stress, there’s a lot of stuff to plan for—and a lot of stuff that could go wrong. Travel safely and problem-free with these easy holiday traveling tips!

Traveling far?

Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted person. Include all travel info: hotels/residences of stay, contact numbers, places you will travel to while there, etc….

Scan clear, color copies of your passport, IDs and credit cards (front and back). Then store with someone you trust, that you can easily reach during your trip. Don’t carry your extra copies with you or put them in your luggage. This will speed things up when at the embassy or if caught in an identity-check-theft bind.

Always carry a little extra cash, more than what you think you’ll need. Example: if the taxi from the airport is $50, then carry $100. Better to be prepared than frustrated since many places don’t take credit cards and you might have to change currencies. Just don’t keep it all in the same place!

Call your credit card company and bank, and tell them where you are traveling to and for how long. It would be awful if your card was on fraud alert during your trip!

Pick up any travel guides, maps or language dictionaries you may need ahead of time. You may not be able to rely on your smartphone.

Traveling near?

The holidays are infamous for traffic, so if you’re driving, really pad your travel time to compensate for any jams.

Look up public transit closures and schedules. You don’t want to end up stuck somewhere with no means of getting back home.

If you are driving a bit out of the way, make sure your car is up to the job. Check the tires, put chains in the trunk, check the oil and water, and have plenty of gas in your tank. Calling AAA on a holiday is not fun!

And wherever you go…religiously check and pack accordingly before you leave!

-Emillio Mesa of Brunch Republik

Emillio Mesa has spent the past 11 years as a professional Events Director for hotspots such as Cain (NYC, The Hamptons and Miami); an Events Planner for corporate luxury goods, celebrities and weddings for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Mont Blanc, Armani Exchange and Donald Trump to name a few; and as Head Concierge where he launched three of the most exclusive hotel properties in NYC.

This tri-lingual and international traveler counts global pop culture, cuisine, entertainment and film as his personal passions. As a TV host/producer, storyteller, idea generator, planner, artist, and (most importantly) specialist for the hospitality and lifestyle sectors, he has been profiled by Vogue, Metrosource, New York Observer, Biz Bash and Club Systems Intl. He is the Founder and Creative Director of BRUNCH REPUBLIK (a site based on the principles of The Lost Art of Hospitality with interviews, customer service tales,”hidden gems” and “Citizens”). In his role as arbiter of the New Young Philanthropists, he is presenting an exclusive cause-related art salon that will rotate “The Brunch” series.

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