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The holidays can put all sorts of new pressure on your relationship. In particular, you may be wondering…should we spend the holidays together, and if so, where?! Here’s what to ask yourself when you think about holiday plans with your honey…

-Jasmine Frazier

How serious is the relationship?

Generally, I’d say be in a relationship a year tops before spending a major holiday with your S.O. It’s one thing to meet someone’s parents or siblings, it’s another to spend hours with Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim. Plus, once you introduce someone to your extended family, they will probably ask about them for years to come. So, be careful that the person is actually expected to stick around!

Whose family wins out?

You also must decide which family to visit for which holiday, and several factors come into play with this. How important is the holiday to your families? How far do you live from your fams? Can you see both of your own separate clans in one day or does it have to be one or the other?


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  • caseyle2010:

    christmas is so hectic this year! i have my family, and my boyfriends family!

  • Tyisha Wallace:

    I will see family and spend time with my boyfriend. Manage the time you will spend with each.

  • sharris35:

    love is always warm

  • Joy:

    My family

  • penelope:

    I agree just go your separate ways or come into an agreement

  • Crispy:

    Can’t wait for Christmas


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