Unique, Off-the-Beaten-Path Holiday Ornaments

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Sick of the same old stuffy ornaments decorating your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush? Deck your halls with quirky ornaments instead. Bonus? They make great gifts for friends and family!

-Jasmine Frazier

Show of your rack this season with Urban Outfitter’s Pool Ball Ornament Set (SALE: $11.99). Gift it to a billiards buff, like your boyfriend, brother or dad, and score big points!


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  • Darknlovely218:

    They are too cute. Unfortunately, I don’t have little ones at home so I don’t put up a Christmas tree.

  • markgirlglam:

    too cute

  • lumeih:

    the fireside ornament is gorgeous

  • avatar

    looove the pattern on #4! reminds me of a well-loved top from my teenage years. : D

  • penelope:

    the martini glass are adorable. on the other hand the social network one is a little ridiculous

  • Crispy:

    I guess I have plain ol store bought ornaments

  • avatar


  • lddelgado83:

    Love the pool ball ornaments! My friend plays in tournaments and she’s going to love them!


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