Girls Night Out Preview: Survive the Holidays, L.A.

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It’s December now and we all know what that means—it’s time for Girls Night Out Los Angeles! While this event is the perfect opp to find cool gifts for loved ones, you may want to focus on yourself a bit and look for products to help tackle the rest of your holiday to-do list (last-min shopping, holiday baking, schlepping to parties…)! Between our vendors and what’s in our Goodie Bags, we have some great stuff to include in your Holiday Survival Kit!

-Samantha Sutton

Yikes! All those early morning sales and holiday cooking can leave you feeling and looking exhausted! Luckily Sue Devitt comes to the rescue with her Microquatic Prime Target Intensive Eye Treatment Gel ($28). This product will instantly tighten and firm the eye area, eliminating gross dark circles and reducing puffiness. You may not feel refreshed, but you will certainly look it!


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