10 Warming Winter Accessories

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Oh, baby…you better believe it’s gonna get cold outside. Prep yourself accordingly with wintry accessories you can pair with your warm jackets and boots.

-Cait Rohan

Leather gloves are a great winter accessory, but they don’t have to rob your wallet blind. Love the Women’s Merona 3 Buckle Gloves ($19.99 at Target) for their pretty pop of color, sleek 3-buckle design and under-20 pricetag!


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    i love gloves. those red ones are nice.

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    I”m a blizzard baby and love the winter. Will look for leather gloves and the fleece lined tights (for dresses and skirts) on those real cold days. I inherited my grandfather’s cashmere scarfs and love them dearly.

  • Joy:

    I like mittens more than gloves.

  • Lisa M:

    Love the music ear muffs! So cool!

  • Lesley:

    They are all great!!

  • glertser:

    I love mittens and scarves in the winter!

  • vernelle:

    i love red!!! those are very NICE!! :-)

  • xomelissamarie:

    I love winter because I get to wear cute boots and scarves! I personally am not a fan of gloves, hard to find any cute ones out there.

  • lumeih:

    nothing says winter like gloves and beanies.

  • Crispy:

    I don’t wear alot of winter accessories

  • markgirlglam:

    so pretty


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