Spotted at: Beauty Night Out New York City

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Beauty Night Out always comes at the best time of the year. We’ve just announced our Beauty at Its Best Awards, I’m in need of serious makeover before the holidays, and my skin and hair are about to get a beat-down from winter’s super-cold temps. See what I loved from the event below!

-Cait Rohan

I always get really bad cravings for sweets when it’s that time of the month. But, I’ve found a cure that will comfort you and nix the cravings for way less calories…indulging in sweet-smelling Beauty at Its Best winners like LUSH’s Ma Bar Bubble Bar ($7.95), The Body Shop’s Body Butter Duo ($18), Sephora’s Sugar Body Scrub, Nordicals’ Brown Sugar Candle ($8) and Softlips’ Lip Protectant with SPF 20 ($2.99).

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