Easy Nail Art for Beginners

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Ah yes…nail art. Sheer utter of the words can make some gals a nervous wreck. But, the truth is, you don’t have to be a professional nail tech to crank out beautiful nail art designs.

I have terrible coordination and can still do pretty decent nail designs. Let’s do the easiest nail art techniques: polka dots and designs using a nail art pen.


-Nail polishes of your choice (see our Beauty at Its Best favorite nail polishes here>>)

-Dotting tool (you can find affordable ones at transdesign.com and Sally Beauty Supply)

-Nail pen (I’m using Color Club’s Nail Art pen)

Be sure that your base nail polish color is dry before attempting any designs. “Almost dry” isn’t good enough.

-Brittany Thomas for ClumpsOfMascara.com

Brittany founded the website ClumpsOfMascara.com to spread her love for beauty.

A staunch advocate of the power of social media, Brittany has done extensive work as a social media consultant, planning and executing campaigns for a number of organizations. She is just as engaging on camera.

Her effortless delivery and flair for the dramatic has earned her more than a million views on YouTube. Brittany hopes that her love for beauty can inspire young women to truly love themselves.


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  • missdarlin:

    my problem is doing my right hand… while the left one looks great, the right looks a mess… lol

  • totallyaboutg:

    I will try this tomorrow, seems pretty easy lets see whatst the outcome :-)

  • melissng225:

    I think I just found my xmas nails =]

  • lumeih:

    my nails on my left hand always turns out fine. it’s my right hand that suffers.


    I must try this idea

  • primandpropah:

    Gotta have a steady hand for nail art!

  • Lisa M:

    Cute! I think I can do the polka dots.. but thats prob it! LOL

  • avatar

    cute polk dots!

  • xomelissamarie:

    I love the way nail art looks when done well, but for someone like me with shaky hands its a little frustrating. Sinful colors has some great nail art pens that I would recommend and they are cheap.

    1. avatar

      i completely agree. i will check out those nail art pens.

  • Joy:

    lots of cool stuff in nail art these days

  • Crispy:

    so pretty but I don’t have the patience

  • GOGETTA Alana:

    I’m thinking of all the money I can save by doing my own design..Thanks 4 the Tips

  • penelope:

    I’ve done polka dots before and a easier way to do the polka dots is to use a nail pen. Not only that but you can use the nail pen for other things too like drawing lines or letters on your nails.


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