Costumed Characters We’ve Hooked Up with on Halloween

Come Halloween, nothing is as it seems. And with everyone in a costumed fantasy land, Halloween hook-ups are bound to be plenty…and pretty absurd. That sketchy coworker of yours who you’d never smooch in a million years? A whole different story when he’s dressed as Zeus (and you’ve had one too many pumpkin ales). Here’s “who” the Shecky’s Staffers have hooked up with in Halloweens past.

“God’s gift to women. He was wrapped in a bow with a name tag that said ‘To: Women From: God.’ Had to give him a smooch and see if he was right!”

“Dr. Mario and Dr. Zoidberg.”

“My ex boyfriend and I were in the process of ‘reconciling’ (cough, he slept over) one Halloween, but my roommates didn’t know. One of my roomies came to my bedroom November 1 to ask me a question, saw a pair of large green tights on the floor and gave me a really weird look (my costume didn’t require tights). I had to explain to her that my ex had dressed as Robin Hood: Men in Tights (and then spill on why I’d let him stay over).”

“Last year, my friends and I all dressed as different holidays. I was the 4th of July and coincidentally hooked up with a Hot Dog…the girls in my house had a good laugh for a while about that one!”

“I’ve hooked up with Jesus, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Sparrow and a turtle.”

“I made out with Abe Lincoln and my friend ended up going home with his pal George Washington! I was just happy my guy wasn’t in tights….”

“Tony Hawk.”

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these stories? “Who” have you hooked up with on Halloween?


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  • sarbear:

    I once ‘hooked up’ with John Holmes. He was cuter than the real thing though lol

  • Crispy:


  • Samantha:

    I agree with Shecky’s, I rather read “hooked-up” then read “I’ve screwed Jesus, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Sparrow and a turtle.” We are grown, strong, successful women reading a fun, but mature, like-hearted article on Halloween sex.

  • Joy:

    I hope that phase “hooked up” goes out of favor soon. I think it’s really distasteful and brings women down. We should be lifting ourselves up not using words like “hooked up”.

    1. Shecky's:

      Thanks for your input! While does seek to empower women, we are also a fun, “girl talk” forum. This means we sometimes use phrases/slang that we use with our girlfriends (one of which is “hooking up”). We don’t find the phrase “hooked up” or any iteration of it to be demeaning to women.

      1. diaznicole09:

        I don’t find it to be demeaning to women at all. Like you said, its a phrase we use with our girlfriends.

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