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October is the month of chilling tales, Halloween treats and Shecky’s Girls Night Out Boston event! To get you into the spirit of the holiday season, we’re bringing you Halloween-y picks that will all be at our GNO event later this month. We know the 31st seems kinda far but hey, there’s been H-ween candy out for a while now! Keep reading and tell us if you think these picks are a trick or a treat.

1. You’ll look bewitching when you smooth on Mary Kay’s Lip Suede in Luscious Plum (Retail Price: $14). The dark hue is sexy with a glam-goth edge, and will be right at home on a daring night out or for getting’ down to the “Monster Mash.”

2. If you’re excited for pumpkin flavors, why not try some on your nails with LCN USA’s Light Orange Nail Polish (Retail Price: $7.90, Shecky’s Price: $6.95)? This spicy orange shade will look enchanting and festively fun!

3. You’ll be cursing yourself if you don’t buy Black Swan Closette’s Gypsy Curse Blouse (Retail Price: $39, Shecky’s Price: $30). This black topper has kimono-style sleeves and old-world lace for a non-costumey All Hallows’ Eve get-up.

4. Give yourself a little treat with LaCroix’s no-cal Orange Water (Retail Price: varies by store, Shecky’s Price: complimentary sample served at Shecky’s event). Whether you sip it alone or pour in some vodka for one evil (and sinfully delicious!) cocktail, we promise you’ll be craving this all year round!

5. These Black CZ Stud Earrings from Ruby Parties (Retail Price: $28, Shecky’s Price: $15) are a graveyard smash! The faceted studs are noir as night and will lend your ears some spooky charm.

6. The next time you’re, er, howling at the moon with your sweetie, surprise him with these thematic October Panties from Slumber Parties (Retail Price: $18). This autumn-hued g-string will be the only costume you’ll need in the boudoir.

7. Unwind when the sun sets with Bud Light Golden Wheat (Retail Price: varies by store, Shecky’s Price: complimentary sample served at Shecky’s event). Its slight hint of orangey flavor is so this season!

Girl Talk Time: Do you live in Boston? Have you ever visited? Will you be attending our Girls Night Out Boston event? Which of these spooktastic picks do you love the most?


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