Girlfriend Fun Guide: Boston

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To Shop: Stel’s, 334 Newbury St., Boston, MA (617) 262-3348

Why We It:

You’ll find classic pieces that you’ll want to rock everyday or (ahem!) at a Shecky’s Girls Night Out event!

Stel’s now has a blog where you can keep up with new arrivals, events and get to know the three friends who started it all.

Their sales are stellar with 50% off at the end of each season and 75% off during their warehouse sales!

See more reasons why we love Stel’s in another “Girlfriend Fun Guide: Boston” write up>


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  • gillyardl:

    Love Boston this is going to be my 1st girls night out I’m so excited

    1. Shecky's:

      We’ll see you there!

  • Joy:

    I love Boston. One of my favorite cities. Good memories.

  • Crispy:

    Only been to Boston once and it was a bad experience. I would like to go again though.

  • penelope:

    i would love to visit these places

  • carson301:

    Looks fun, I’ve never been!

  • avatar

    i want to go to Boston :) .

  • avatar

    It has been a long time since I been to Boston….I will be going real soon to visit a friend.


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