“His You-Know-What is Small, Now What?”


“So, I really got to know this new boyfriend I’m with before sleeping with him.

Come to find out that he has a really small penis!

The sex is BAD, but I still really like him.

Is there any way to remedy this situation without seriously offending him?”


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That’s a tough one. The sex needs to be good, obviously, for the relationship to work, but how do you not offend him? I think it’s going to take time and an element of trust. Once you’re in love, the penis size shouldn’t matter, but can you fall in love with the nagging thought of having to sleep with an insufficient penis for however long the relationship lasts? Unfortunately, it might not last unless something changes!

I’m sure he knows he has a small penis and is probably insecure about it. Maybe he will bring up the conversation or act on his own accord to remedy the situation. That, however, seems highly unlikely. Once there’s a greater level of trust, talk openly about how to improve your sex life. Maybe a first step is to introduce toys, vibrators and other fun gadgets. With more open conversation and experimentation, your level of intimacy may develop so that you feel comfortable bringing up the idea of trying penis-growth pills. I hear they are natural and expand the flow of blood to the penis without any harmful side effects. Maybe you should give that a try! It may salvage your mediocre sex life.

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Well, that’s awkward…. Now I could go all preachy and say “But as long as you love each other, that’s ultimately all that matters, blah, blah, blah,” but that’s just not true—sex is an important part of every relationship, and if it’s no good, then it causes problems.

However for most new couples, the first few times are never that great—you’ve gotta keep at it for a while to work out what each person likes, doesn’t like, is completely freaked out by, etc. Don’t be afraid to give him tips—telling him to push harder here, go faster there—which will hopefully make it better for you.

And if the sex is STILL really bad, then there are always other ways for him to help you out, like oral, toys, etc. Just frame it in a way that won’t seem too offensive—”How about we spice things up a little” sounds way hotter than “Your wang isn’t working for me.” If none of that works, then I guess it’s up to you to decide if bad sex is a fair price for a good guy.

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Wow, so much for—“It isn’t the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean” and “Great things come in small packages”…. Let’s face it, SIZE DOES MATTER! There is nothing worse than peeling the boxer-briefs off your Giant Jack to find a small beanstalk. But, it’s likely he’s well aware that he isn’t endowed like Secretariat (of course if he could earn as much, maybe size wouldn’t matter), so bringing up the topic won’t be a surprise.

Sex with whomever you are starting off with is a matter of finding out what the other person needs/wants, and making sure that they are getting it in somewhat creative ways and vice versa. Your approach doesn’t need to be, “You’re too small to satisfy” but more like, “Why don’t we try xxxxxx,” where xxxxxx is your favorite toy, alternate sexual position, oral sex, some crazy thing that people with undersized “parts” do (to which, of course, I’m not privy, for obvious reasons). It sounds like you’ve got yourself a great catch, even if he is a small fish. Good luck and have fun making it all work out!

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This is a tough one. Sex is too big a piece of the equation to look past it. I’ve heard about this problem from a few of my female friends and ultimately they just say, “If they don’t measure up, it’s just not gonna happen.” As much as we like to think we can get beyond bad sex, small units, flabby butts, droopy boobs or other things that hinder the sexual experience, we just can’t—we are simple animals that need to be satisfied physically and, sometimes, intellectually.

A relationship is supposed to start hot and heavy. That can’t happen if your boyfriend’s unit is so small that it can get trapped in his zipper in a heated moment. But if you can look past it, more power to ya.

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think? Have you ever dated a guy with a small penis? Did it work out, or no? If you made it work, what did you do? What do you think of these answers?

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  • Yvie:

    I have been with a couple of really lovely guys that I’ve really found attractive and irresitable to only find they were small but on the positive ,they were both so giving and really enjoyed seeing me get loads of pleasure so just enjoy what he does have to offer and try different positions to make it work , sex can be stimulated by the mind and foreplay not just penetration although that’s my ultimate favourite so I understand it doesn’t work for some of us ..

  • Karmele:


  • sarbear:

    My guy is a bit on the small side :) , but he makes sure I am satisfied every time. We tried different positions and I learned when Im on top that it doesnt matter. With oral and foreplay we both are happy. At first I wanted bigger, but I love the guy Im with.

  • Rbaby:

    Whoa- not wanting a small penis does NOT make a girl shallow! I’ve been blessed as far as that goes with all my boyfriends, but I did date a guy briefly who was small and you know what? Sex just does NOT feel as good. And good sex is important to me. That’s not something I could never compromise on.

  • cynthia:

    think about it for a minute. if he didn’t have one at all, what would he use? there are always other options for everything!

  • teethwhiteningkits:

    I didn’t realise how important it was! And they say men are shallow when it comes to physical attraction. I think you ladies are worse!

  • Charity Delts:

    I think that we all experience it at least once. I had a guy with a handsome face, beautiful fit body and a very very small penis. Must have been all that lifting weights and working out. Too bad! Size definitely matters.

    1. Geopap:

      LOL – Working out does not shrink your dick. If it did no guys would lift anything….ever!

  • Joy:

    You have to be attracted to your partner for it to last .. that the bottom line.

  • avatar

    hahaha! twice had a guy with a pencil…actually sex wasn’t terrible, but if I was his gf (which I wasn’t) I might be a little perturbed. haven’t had this issue before or since!

  • sunshyne41:

    Have issues with this with a friend but he is so arrogant about himself when I try and share this it is too sensitive for him so he made it hard to work out don’t see myself miserable in the long run!!!!

  • avatar

    a guy with small junk never a good thing as far as I’m concerned…. use toys is the answer!!

  • penelope:

    it’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean hahahaha not in this occasion

  • Crispy:

    EEKS tough one

  • GOGETTA Alana:

    Never came across this issue b4..And I Pry THAT I NEVER WILL…

  • lumeih:

    what a bummer!

  • Krissy:

    I’ve totally been in the same situation…sweet guy, wait to have sex, then when you do – it’s so small! I couldn’t even get any type of pleasure with dude. And he snored so loud. So girl, you can only take what you can take. You’ll know if and when it’s time to leave. I had to get out after about 3 months. I just couldn’t try any longer to fool myself. Go with what you feel…literally.

  • CJ:

    WOW, don’t think its going to work out, it wouldn’t for me, size does matter.

  • carson301:

    I did once and no it didn’t work out.


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