Famous Old-School Friend Duos

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We all know women tend to travel in packs (blame society, genetics and Sex and the City). While we love having a group of girlfriends, even the closet groups of gals tend to pair up into duos; the best of the best friends. She’s the girlfriend you dial first when you scored your dream job…and the friend you text when you get fired from it. In honor of the Supporting Girlfriend Finalists (have you voted in our National Girlfriend Awards yet?), here are a few old-school duos we love.

-Elana Lott

Lucy & Ethel of I Love Lucy

No matter how silly your idea is, you always need a girlfriend to say “I told you so” when it goes horribly awry, especially if she’ll help you clean the mess up…which is why Lucy and Ethel are the perfect duo. Impulsive, creative and head-strong Lucy is constantly in one sticky situation after another. Luckily Ethel, who is always against Lucy’s madcap schemes even when she finds herself participating in one, always drags Lucy away from the brink of disaster. Whether they’re covered in muck or creating a distraction to buy time, they’re the perfect support system.

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