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Don’t lie. Your smart phone is like your best supporting girlfriend (have you told us why SHE is your Supporting Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards Presented by Shecky’s?)—it provides some serious help when you don’t know where else to turn (hello, Google Maps!) and you totally tell it all your secrets (you know, those erase-this-now texts). Luckily, we’ve found five amazing accessories for iPhones and Androids that up your cellie’s supportive status even more. Check ‘em out!

Square: Square is a device that plugs into your iPhone or Android headphone jack to become a credit card reader. It’s an easy way to pay friends back when you’re out of cash or it’s a good way for your small business to begin accepting credit cards! The best part is that you can get Square for free and you only have to pay a small portion of your credit card transactions to Square.

-Emily Fasel of Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech is a social network enterprise focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of like-minded, professional, intelligent and influential women in technology. As young women with the capacity to inspire, we made it our personal desire and passion to create and sustain an organization that focuses on the collaboration, promotion, growth and success of women in the technology sector. Girls in Tech aims to offer a variety of resources and tools for women to supplement and further enhance their professional careers and aspirations in technology. Some of these resources include educational workshops and lectures, networking functions, round table discussions, conferences, social engagements and recruitment events.


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  • Joy:

    I like my work but the politics part is a drain. Why can’t everyone get along and just work hard regardless. Note to people at work: No one is out to get you. Relax and just work together!

  • roxkells:

    the powerskin and dry case are practical and smart must-haves!

  • lumeih:

    These gadgets are just way too cool.

  • lumeih:

    I’ve been resisting the smart phone. But it’s only a matter of time til i have to upgrade.

  • alexacheers:

    I realllyyy want an iPhone!

  • penelope:


  • Crispy:

    gorilla is awesome


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