5 Must-Know Shoe Brands

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When building a shoe collection or wardrobe, incorporating quality pieces by trusted brands is very important. If you simply adore shoes, here are five can’t-live-without-’em footwear brands that you absolutely must know about.

Kandee Shoes Raspberry Slushy ($279)

Kandee Shoes burst onto the scene with heels that are high, sexy, sparkly and a shoe-lover’s dream. In fact, they’re calling Founder Josh Wayman the Mark Zuckerberg of shoes. It’s easy to fall in love with this brand and you will be just as much in love with the names of the shoes (Raspberry Slushy, Peanut Crunch, Orange Sours and Sherbert Bootie) as you will be wearing them.


-Linda Dominique Grosvenor for PrincessDominique.com

Linda Dominique Grosvenor is a true shoe connoisseur and a Fashion Insider for Hautelook’s new member only shoe-of-the-month website, SoleSociety.com. She has appeared on The Today Show to dish about “Why Women Love Shoes” and believes all women who love shoes have a little exhibitionist in them. The legal guardian over a massive shoe collection, she invites you to visit her website and take a peek at PrincessDominique.com.


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  • sammybellasis:

    loving the blue platforms! gorgeous!!

  • tmsmith30241:

    loving the gigi sandles….i wore alot of these when I was young!

  • babs080:

    Love them but definetly not in my budget anytime soon.

  • sharris35:

    love the shoes

  • Bien Abye:

    Great list, I only knew two of the brands. I was hesitant to accept Jessica Simpson’s as a “designer” but she has proved herself with her shoes and bags. Those Gigi Sandals are perfect for summer, every woman needs a pair.
    Charell S. for Bien Abye by Dayanne Danier

  • pennntas:

    Those Kandee shoes are the jam

  • suedefringe:

    i lov ethose candy shoes !!!

  • jane14:

    I bought my first pair of jessica simpson shoes last month can’t wait for the next ones…=)

  • dmoon72:

    I love shoes……..

  • dabkdiva:

    The raspberry slushee shoes are so hot!

  • evafairchild:


  • avatar

    i really like the gigi sandals.

  • avatar

    Not sure if I could walk in any of these shoes, other than the flats but I love them all dearly!!!

  • vickyjib:

    I don’t care what brand it is if the heal is super high it has to have an ankle strap on it or Icant wear it comfortably

  • SuzyDuzy:

    What is this 2008? Not cute or edgy.

  • Lesley:

    Love these shoes even though I usually wear shoes that are a little lower. I did just buy a pair of Jessica wedges and I love them!

  • avatar


  • Joy:

    I’m into more comfortable shoes.
    I love my sketchers shapeup shoes.

  • lumeih:

    I’ve been eyeing several Sam Edelman’s for some time now. I could pass on the other brands.

  • kass24x:

    I love these shoes, I would totally buy them :)


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