A Fashionista Who’s Making Sweatpants Chic

Admit it. No matter how many Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows you’ve attended in your lifetime, you still run out to get Ben and Jerry’s in ratty old sweats. …No one will see you, right?! Yeah, yeah, until you run into your ex looking like an urchin. Solve the unchic-sweatpants dilemma that has plagued womankind for centuries with Elana Brynes’ Kings of Cole brand. See more about Elana and her luxury loungewear below!

Elana Brynes

Founder & Creative Director

New York City, NY


What inspired you to start Kings of Cole?

A little over a year ago, I was shopping for a hoodie for my boyfriend. He was 6’2 and I couldn’t find a hoodie that was long enough for him. All of the other hoodie brands at a contemporary price-point were cut short and wide. After doing extensive research, I quickly found that women love wearing their boyfriend’s hoodies because women’s hoodie brands are cut short and don’t cover enough when worn with leggings. I was inspired to create the perfect hoodie for men and the perfect “boyfriend hoodie” for women.

What significance does the name have?

Growing up, Old King Cole was my favorite nursery rhyme, and there are three Kings that the rhyme could be about. All three of the Kings possessed the same qualities: they were all musical, honorable and powerful. Kings of Cole is a celebration of creativity, music, honor and power. Kings of Cole encourages young people to live each day to the fullest, and to embody their own legacy. Always enjoy and celebrate each day, and look good living it.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue fashion design?

I grew up in New York City and attended Boston University. During my four years living in Boston’s frigid weather, I found myself in a constant struggle to stay warm yet fashionable. A year after graduating in one of the toughest job markets in 2009, I decided that instead of working at a job that I did not enjoy, I wanted to start my own company. It was at this time that time that I found a hole in the market for luxury loungewear.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Kings of Cole is centered on creating the perfect hoodie for men and the perfect “boyfriend hoodie” for women. Our hoodies and sweatpants are cut longer and more tailored so you can dress them up or down and our brand can take you from day to night. Our unique rose gold-colored zipper and hardware detailing makes our hoodies and sweatpants more dressy than other brands out there. Available in an array of cool and vibrant colors, the hoodies offer a level of casual comfort teamed with understated sophistication.

Who is your female fashion icon?

Gwyneth Paltrow is by far my female fashion icon. She is effortlessly sophisticated and wears simple yet striking outfits. I love her attention to detail and quality, and she always looks put-together. Her style is flawless and she can make anything look amazing and high-fashion. It doesn’t hurt that she is a fan of Kings of Cole!

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of Elana’s gig? What about her brand, Kings of Cole? What job would you like to see featured here?


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  • osborne2006:

    Wonderful!! Sweat just make you feel more comfortable with who you are! :)

  • roxkells:

    I am so simple- and sweats are my fave. Finally- I ‘fashionable’ way to wear our sweats and not be told that we are always dressing down! I love comfy wear. The history behind the name Kings of Cole is also very intriguing.

  • evafairchild:


  • avatar
    Carmen Adorno:

    Now that is cool. Making sweats more personal for woman is a great idea. Tired of the old Gap and Juicy sweats, classy and more stylish sweats (yes sweats can be stylish) is great and I am so there for that.

  • avatar

    Kings of Cole sounds nice.

  • avatar

    Great ideas

  • glertser:

    I love hoodies! Sometimes, I feel like I may have too many.

    A job I would like to see featured here would be working in a Public Relations firm, and maybe some advice about getting my foot in the door. Having graduated for 6 months and still not having the job I had studied for is a little frustrating.

  • Joy:

    That’s good. I usually wear my yoga pants to run errands rather than normal sweatpants. I think the yoga pants look good.

  • Crispy:

    Very creative and hard working.

  • avatar

    It’s amazing what some creativity and hard work can do!

  • penelope:

    i wouldn’t mind buying a couple of hoodies and sweatpants from her company :)

  • aliciaeason:

    I would love to check her stuff out and I like that whole King Cole Musical flava!

  • Lesley:

    Looks like great comfy clothes!! I totally get the idea of wanting to stay warm, but fashionable. Great story!


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