Wear Your Resume on Your Sleeve (or Shoulder)

So you went from worshipping the “It” bag to feeling like a bag lady. Well, at least now you know just how versatile a purse can be.

But I bet you hadn’t thought of this: In addition to broadcasting your social status and storing your worldly possessions, you can also use accessories to showcase your skills and experience.

That’s especially useful in the downturn, when you might feel like you need to pass your C.V. out like sample sale flyers. Here are four cheeky tips for scoring a job interview with your bag. And please—don’t forget to have your resume stashed in it.

Your (Former) Company Tote Bag

Once upon a job, you proudly (or at least carelessly) toted a canvas bag emblazoned with your company’s name and logo. Chances are you still have it stuffed in your closet. Dig it out. Using a fabric marker, write “FIRED ME” in large letters underneath the logo. We bet you’ll at least get someone to buy you a Decaf Kenyan Home Roast.

The Hideous Academic Conference Tote

Nerd Alert: The leaders of academia loved going conference hopping until university budgets were slashed. Wear your “1997 New Horizons in Critical Theory Summit” bag and use it to start conversations with other nerdy high-achievers.

A University Gym Bag

You probably paid a ridiculous amount of money for the right to name-drop your alma mater. Flaunt your mascot and school spirit in public places on a daily basis. You never know who might be looking to hire a fellow classmate.

Sorority, Chess Club, Drama Queen Duffels

Extra-curricular activities set you apart from the pack (or so they say). Let people know your interests and hidden talents before they see your resume. Let them know that you’re competitive yet team-oriented with that “2001 State Cross Country Finals” sack.

-KT Boyle for Recessionwire.com

KT Boyle is a graduate of Georgetown University. Follow her life on the recession runway at thegreatredression.wordpress.com.

Recessionwire is a user’s guide to change. We look for the upside of down times, offering positive, practical advice about work, fulfillment and how to live well for less, plus personal essays, humor and cultural insights.

GIRL TALK TIME: How do you score interviews? Are you job hunting? What are you doing? What do you think of these tips?


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    I agree with you Pamela. I also think it could turn potential employers off wondering what you might write on their paraphernalia if things don’t work out with them…. makes you go hmmm

  • Crispy:

    Thinking about looking for a new job

  • Joy:

    I’ve got a great job now.

  • penelope:

    im gonna do this

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    I think walking around with a tote bag from your previous employer that says fire me underneath the company name is funny, but also could make you look bitter.


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