Letters to Shecky’s: Dreaming of Summer

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Name: jenny-o

Post: Spotted at: Girls Night Out Los Angeles

I had a great time at the event.


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  • sharon:

    Hello ladies: My name is Sharon and I’m new to LA, this is my first time visiting your site, page. I’m looking to meet new people aka friends> over haul needed and i have a few questions do women ever come to your events solo to meet new girl friends, what are the ages, of the women whom are members of Shecky’s, you seem to be a diverse group, having FUN. I am looking for good people to mingle with and become friends in LA Former Denver lady,and turned California Gurl :0

  • Lesley:

    I love seeing what others have to say also.

  • Crispy:

    I love all of the variety in what you guys write!


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