Best Movies to Get Over a Break-Up

In the earliest stages of a bad break-up, before the put-yourself-out-there-and-date-any-weirdo phase, chances are that you just want to sit indoors and bawl your eyes out. But when the self-pitying stuff gets a bit too draining, you want to sit in your bed (with five-days unwashed hair, in your holey granny undies and a stained tee-shirt, Ben and Jerry’s pint in hand) watching movies. I love that StyleCaster compiled a list of the top five best movies to get over a break-up, complete with video clips of their fave scenes.

The Notebook is a perfect watch for those of us who aren’t over the crying/depression phase yet. Let those tears flow, but also regain a sense of hope through the romantic soulmates in the film. There is a Noah out there for everyone…and if he looks anything like Ryan Gosling, scooooooore.

10 Things I Hate About You is another love of mine. This movie has a great storyline and soundtrack, and the scene with Katarina reading the poem is phenomenal. Let this flick inspire you to write your own list about why you hated your ex (see mine, except I got up to 100!).

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a great way to marry comedy and getting-over-him in one fell swoop. Get ready to laugh at unforgettable characters like Aldous Snow, and you’ll relate to the awkward, complicated feelings that still exist after any couple calls it quits.

What would I add to the list? I’d say a few completely funny movies with no romance at all. If you’re looking for a hilarious, little-know comedy, try Drop Dead Gorgeous, a flick about Midwestern beauty queens starring the likes of Denise Richards, Amy Adams, Brittany Murphy and more before they hit it big.

See all movies and clips (definitely worth watching!) on [StyleCaster].

-Cait Rohan

GIRL TALK TIME: What movies help you get over a break-up? What do you think of StyleCaster’s list? We want your suggestions and advice, ladies!


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  • lovelyglamor:

    Legally Blonde!

  • lmbrooks:

    Friends With Benefits… Give you a laugh after being broken up with!

  • jane14:

    love them all!

  • avatar

    theres no movies that help you with break up i think..some one who dosent want you get over it hurts but if you look at the picture is not worth crying for someone who dosen’t want you ..get out the house

  • pennntas:

    What’s Love Got To Do With It? The Tina Turner story starring Angela Bassett. the best part is when she finally decided to fight back! U go girl!!!

  • saucycruz:

    Showgirls, that’ll get your mind off the break up.

  • nadia cherubin:

    I truly don’t think that watching a movie to get over a break up will do the job, just get into a lot of activities that’ll keep your mind occupied when it comes to break ups cause some people never really bounce back from it and some people do.

  • justine82:

    I gotta watch something super funny romantic movies like the notebook only get me more depressed because I dont have a romantic man!

    1. pennntas:

      The Notebook is one of my alltime favorite movies

  • Joy:

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall is hiliarious! That’s a good one. Jason Segal will crack you up, plus the full frontal! Can’t help but chuckle and smile after that.

  • avatar

    get out of the house!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=:

    I avoided these type of movies, I rather watch action or drama.

  • Crispy:

    Suck it up. Have some drinks.

  • penelope:



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