Letters to Shecky’s: Let the Sun Shine

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Name: TMS2560

Post: Shecky’s-Approved Recipes Men Will Love

They all look yummy…but enough about what gals make guys…how about what guys make gals?! Now that would be something to write about.

Shecky’s Note: Thanks, TMS2560! We love your suggestion and just might use it :)


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  • Lesley:

    I love hearing what the other girls have to say and I love Shecky’s! I’m going to purchase my tickets for the Fall now too!

  • avatar

    Ordered tickets for Philly Fall….no rush, want to enjoy the summer!

  • Crispy:

    I love Shecky’s. It’s a great way to bring females together and share our different experiences and opinions. Great way to learn about everything from fashion to helping the less fortunate.


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