London Calling: Royal Wedding Buzz from a Brit-Based Blogger

Shecky’s may be stationed in New York City, but we have a contributor in London who took to the streets for the Royal Wedding. Here’s her take on all the hubbub, complete with her very own pics!

London is buzzing, as is the whole UK. Kate looked beautiful, Phillipa (Pippa) elegant and the Queen lovely in Easter yellow. William was very dapper in his Army uniform, and Harry kept things normal with his constant smirk; proud as it was.

Hyde Park has now turned into a wedding reception complete with band. Over 100,000 people here and everyone is very jovial.

Princess Catherine of Cambridge wore Alexander McQueen as expected. Lace sleeves and bodice, miles of silk train. She look understated, simple and very regal.

London is celebrating, and this Royal Wedding has captured the hearts of even the cynics. What a great day! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

-Ashley Jardine of

Ashley Jardine is a journalism graduate and fashion devotee from the very top of cold, rainy Scotland. She started More Like The Style Blob as a source of inspiration, knowledge and general musings on all things fashion and style related. An interning veteran, Ashley has filled not only our own office, but also that of Interview Magazine and InStyle with sequined blazers and cups of tea. Now living in London, she is a freelance writer and blogger, waiting for her first big break as a fashion writer.

PLUS, Best Royal Wedding Buzz Around the Web

PIPPA: Did Pippa steal the spotlight? Kate’s sister and maid-of-honor looked absolutely stunning, but was it appro of her to wear such a white shade? It seems like everyone is over-the-moon about Pippa right about now. Her name even sounds blatantly British. What do you think?

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HATS: Looks like Kate isn’t the only one gone hatty. Headgear, the good, the bad and the fugly abounded: From the Queen’s classic yellow piece to Victoria Beckham’s mod pillbox to a few invitees with the wrong idea, definitely fun to pore over the pics.

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GRACE KELLY INSPIRATION: Was Kate’s (amazing) Alexander McQueen gown inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress? The photos look shockingly similar side by side, but we’re not complaining!

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GIRL TALK TIME: What were your faves and fails from the Royal Wedding? Did you watch? What do you think of all the excitement?


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  • avatar

    I absolutely loved Kate’s dress!!!

  • Nancie Barrios:

    Experienced the Royal Wedding with a front seat. Was right up the street of Westminster Abbey with my daughter. We watched as the guests entered and left. We caught a glimpse of the Queen as well as Kate and Prince William as they paraded down the streets lined with thousands of people from all over. It was an experience never to be forgotten and always to be treasured. The excitement was felt all over throughout everyone present.

  • avatar

    i loved her dress!

  • Ruthy:

    To watch this wedding was amazing. The gown was just perfect, the veil was beautiful. It made me want to get married all over again!

  • Lesley:

    I loved it!

  • peepers1:

    I love the idea of Pippa wearing white also!!!

  • Joy:

    Nice, it feels good to watch so much happiness.

  • Crispy:

    So beautiful!!

  • Danielle Grondin:

    The whole thing was amazing!


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