My Ex Replaced Me with HER?

Unless you had a completely mature and amicable break-up (I’m convinced that people who say this happens are lying), it always hurts to see your ex’s new girlfriend. Especially if you’re single. And if his new chick is completely unfortunate in the looks department.

Hold on—shouldn’t I be more upset if I found out my ex was dating a supermodel? I’m not sure; all I can relay is the complete shock I felt a few years ago, after a very ugly split, when I logged onto Facebook (obviously I’d de-friended my ex but was logging on through a friend’s account to peruse his profile!), only to see that my douche-y ex had picked up another broad and the best way to describe her was (I’m sorry, but)…troll. Years of having to make quick, precise judgments as an editor may have made me more of a critic than your normal person, but after asking the opinion of various males and females, it was confirmed that she was plain, at best. As one of my blunter guy friends put it: “serious downgrade.”

To add insult to injury, the ex in question and I had only been broken up for a mere three months when he’d started dating her…and this was after a four-year, on-again/off-again relationship. Mind you that this was the same boyfriend who hadn’t been able to travel 20 minutes by car to see me, yet here he was flying hours to see her (I stalked his status, duh).

I felt my self-confidence plummet—I’m no beauty queen, but I think I look okay most days. And wasn’t this the same guy who’d told me multiple times that I’d “get fat” if I ate late-night pizza (um, no wonder we broke up)? Who’d said I should wear my hair straight because it “looked better”? A.k.a., wasn’t he shallow? All the other girls he’d dated were pretty.

And before you call me out for being shallow, let’s not lie—as much as personality is important, you have to be physically attracted to someone in order to date them. So, what was he doing with her?! Surface assessments aside, she was probably a very nice person and had a lot of inner redeeming qualities. But here’s the clincher: she stole my name. Granted, she was “Kate” not “Cait,” but…WTF was up with his odd replacement choice?

My main issue here was: Why did he get a girlfriend so quickly and why her? All I can think of is Bruce Springsteen’s line, “You ain’t a beauty, but hey, you’re all right. Oh, and that’s all right with me,” and chalk it up to loneliness. Needless to say, they broke up only a few months in, after which he tried to “talk” to me about it (hmm, denied!). Have you ever had a guy make a seriously strange choice for his next significant other after dating you? Or do most of your exes stay within a “type”? What did I do to this dude?

-Cait Rohan

GIRL TALK TIME: Has this ever happened to you? What do you think of any of the girls that your ex dated after you? What do you think of our Staffer’s situation? Share now!


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  • shiley:

    Oh dear god , I just ran into my ex. And his new wife … Now I silently judged … I didn’t say anything every one else around me said she’s the ugly and massive… Too massive for even being pregnant … When we were dating I was his soulmate future wife smart and gorgous, now I know I sound narcissistic but hey it’s true… I’m getting my PhD already have two jobs an a model tall and fit and she is not even smart enough to finish a masters in languages she quit it haha!! What do I think? I’m relieved because that’s what he deserves. That’s the type of woman he can handle. Men usually go for inferior women if you are dumped don’t take it personally because I mean seriously, why should you be any less attractive and lov?able than a fat ugly quitter

  • Mia:

    Hahaha I feel the same way. When I was with my ex, he was the kind of guy who would make fun of women for being short, fat, ugly, dressed oddly or even tiny little things about them. (I know, jerk! He’s totally unattractive himself.) But now he’s dating a girl who dresses like a twelve year old wanna be scene girl, who’s short, chubby and well… far less than average looking. I am a tall, thin blonde going through nursing school with a job, unlike her! It’s a very narcissistic way of thinking, but it helps you cope. Even though YOU’RE the one who left him. Now I have an insanely gorgeous boyfriend who does everything for me, haha he loses. Excuse me for sounding a little Regina George, but he is an abuse prick and you have to let out your venom somewhere.

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  • AlexisTaylor:

    Lmao….for the past 2 agonizing years I’ve been doing my best to get past my break up. He started dating a girl that looked like he picked her up off the street. Keep in mind that I was his first….I’m no beauty, and I’m trying not to be shallow but damn!! And the funniest part of all…….none of his friends like her…or our old neighbors. (Yes I lived with him). I’m told she’s annoying and a moocher. She doesn’t drive (neither does he) or have a job. They’re living together now ( in my old apartment)….face it ladies, if they down grade like that its cuz they can’t get anyone better then us…..I don’t think we can ever be replaced ;)

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  • elida:

    My ex replaced me with a really ugly girl and i’m glad hahaha because even if i still miss him to know that he didn’t get anyone better than me makes me feel special hahahaha honestly she must be really nice inside because she is really ugly outside and not only ugly but also dumb.

  • Wendy:

    Me and my ex broke up a while back almost six years ago. I had forgotten all about him, but one night, I became curious, so I looked him up on facebook. He is still really ugly, only he is WAY more wrinkled and Uglier. He is now dating a very Unnatractive woman, she looks like a man, I am not kidding. Poor thing, but she is the ugliest woman I have ever seen in pictures. I was a very sweet and forgiving woman with him, I am extremely pretty, and was even better looking when we were together. after so many years of abuse and mental control I ended the relationship and never looked back. I can’t help to feel good that she is so ugly. She is the type of woman he would make fun of. Now he has to settle for whatever, or whomever he can get. I think it’s pretty funny.

    1. AlexisTaylor:

      I think it’s funny that they get uglier and we get better looking. I lost weight, got my teeth fixed, got a better job (we were coworkers), better friends, etc..he can’t even bother to shower or get a haircut. And they live like slobs from what I hear as well. 2 pigs in mud….lol

    2. elida:

      the same happened to me!! Today i realized that my ex is dating and she is so UGLY and that feels so good to be honest hahaha poor thing she met me and honestly I am pretty good looking i was a model so I know I look good and seeing her so ugly made me feel so good :) honestly i still miss him and want him back but…………………… he make a better couple with her because he is ugly too.. so……..I AM SO GLAD that i met her and she is ugly :) that helped a lot to not feel bad that he moved on and i still don’t.

  • Cdw:

    My ex of 3.5 years (we lived together for 3 years) left me for an absolute loser. I’m nice, funny, smart… And not bad looking either. I’m a little overweight (I’m so not perfect) but I definitely try take care of myself. I have a good family, I’m earning a degree in a lucrative field, and we had similar interests. I’m also not a snoot; I have all sorts of friends and don’t typically judge. But in comparison, this girl has nothing going for her. She doesn’t take care of herself at all, and she’s obese. She’s not pretty, but she would have a ton more going for her if she did something besides roll out of bed and go on with her life. She dropped out of her first semester of college and was kicked out of a screamo band. She makes like 9$ an hour at a hardware store and blows it on getting absolutely trashed every weekend. These people are in their late 20s/early 30s. I’ve gotten over the breakup, but I don’t understand my replacement. She’s an absolute downgrade in every way possible.

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  • Robbie:

    I just saw my ex’s new gf in my ballet class. GREAT just when i thought i’d take a class to relieve some stress from my academically rigorous classes, I see this snot nose looking miss piggy. yea i’m not over the breakup but she was a downgrade no ass no boobs, and a nose like miss piggy. she’s alright, i won’t call her hideous. but she’s just not cute. Anyways i dropped the class.

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