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Shecky’s is always proud to break the latest news on girl gadgets that are guaranteed to boost your success! Roost, who just launched their product at a conference in San Francisco last week, has developed a super-easy way to stay connected to your friends and fans.

Celebs like the Kardashians, designers like Tory Burch, and even your favorite restaurants or bars have all been using Facebook Pages and Twitter to stay connected to their friends and fans and grow their popularity. You may be a hair stylist, an editor, an attorney or a boutique owner, and many of you understand the monumental benefits of using social media as your marketing tool.

But who has the time to post throughout the day? And who knows what time you should actually be putting stuff out? It’s becoming one of those necessary evils…and the newly launched Roost product is the answer to your social marketing blues!

Roost products include:

Campaign Creator – This tool helps you plan your social marketing activities quickly and easily. You can schedule out your posts for the week or even the entire month and not have to worry about monitoring them!

Suggested Content – Roost has built-in, suggested content that is tailored to your business; it recommends post type and how often to post to maximize engagement and use of your Page or Twitter.

Roost Bar – When friends, fans or followers view a link shared by you, a small, branded bar appears above the article and allows your fans to immediately “like” your Page.

…And best of all, it’s free. Check out Roost, and see why it’s bound to become your new best friend! Be sure to like our Page so you don’t miss out on anything!

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-Terra Khachooni of

Roost is a social marketing platform for Facebook and Twitter that allows you to create social campaigns with suggested content on Campaign Creator and leverage key contacts with Roost Circles. Save time, increase engagement and take social marketing to another level.

GIRL TALK TIME: Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter…or does the company you work for have one? Would you ever use Roost? How do you think Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter and social media in general have impacted companies?


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  • Crispy:

    Never heard it.. sounds interesting

  • penelope:


  • jaseth:

    Hello girls I have a company most of our clients are succesful men, this mabe a good mix for all involve, we are making over the men that are single and looking to connect with there soul mate, we update there look! so if anyone want to make there men over are u know of a guy that need a new look send him our way.

  • Joy:

    It’s a good idea. But I don’t really use social media that much. I don’t Facebook or Twitter.

  • marcy777:

    I’m planning to start up a business with my friend and I will definetly use this information to boost our sales!

  • Lisa Overbey:

    I just checked this out. I have a Facebook Page for my nail salon that I’m having difficulty getting people to Like. I think this might help me do that. Thanks Shecky’s!

  • Lesley:

    Sounds interesting even though it is not something that I need. I am sure that others will get great use of Roost.

  • wanderingT:

    i have to manage my company’s page and this is totally going to help me schedule out my posts for the week! love it already!


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