Why Do Men Date Crazy Women?


Natalie1985: Why do guys date crazy women? Not to be a traitor to my sex or anything, but I just don’t get it. I was always told that being hyper clingy, reading my boyfriend’s emails and berating him for not lavishing me with constant attention was a bad thing, yet several of my guy friends are in long-term relationships with women who do just that.

Worst of all, they spend all their time complaining about how horrible their girlfriends are but they never do anything about it. WHY!


Mr. Sensitive and Scientific SEE BIO NOW>

This is fascinating to me because when I read “crazy women” I didn’t immediately think of clingy and attention-seeking. The crazy that I’m (sadly) more attracted to is at the opposite end of the spectrum, aloof and hard to catch. What you seem to be describing is insecurity. They want the guy to validate them so badly that they wind up engaging in self-sabotaging behavior, but we’re not here to debunk female behavior. The real question is: “Why do [some guys] spend all of their time complaining about how horrible their girlfriends are but never do anything about it?”

I think everyone, male and female, has at one point dated someone who they knew wasn’t right for them but stayed anyway. Perhaps they’re gluttons for punishment, but it’s more likely that it’s just easier to stay. I’ve had multiple male friends with girls (not crazy) in the last year that stayed long past the relationship should’ve been over.

But if you’re complaining about your significant other’s character (not a specific thing they did), or you have a gut feeling that they’re wrong for you, you’re not built to last. I can also say that clingy isn’t attractive in men or in women, so while I can’t fully explain why the guys are staying, I can say that your personal behavior is spot on. If you’re gonna be crazy, distant crazy is more attractive than clingy crazy.

Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW>

Because they are hot! It is amazing the amount of torture a guy will put himself through for a hot partner and steady sex. That aside, I’m assuming that you are not crazy and you are single—otherwise you wouldn’t care about your guy friends dating crazy women. I’ll bet you are wondering why you don’t have some poor guy to drive crazy while providing your “hotness” and steady sex, and you’ve driven some guys away by being…”crazy.”

If that is the case, then I must assure you that when someone you are interested in is clingy and needy it is “cute,” but if you are not interested in that person they are “crazy.” I once had a girl say to me, “You look great in a suit!” I thought she had lost her mind. But, I had a really cute guy use that as a pickup line and it worked very well.

On the other hand, maybe my assumption is wrong and you do have a boyfriend, in which case, he is likely out with his friends telling them how crazy you are. Either way, most relationships work the same way: you like someone 80% of the time, the other 20% you ignore them until you are at happy hour with your friends and you can complain about them. I wish you that 80% happiness!

Mr. Noncommittal SEE BIO NOW>

Why do we date crazy girls? The answer is in the bedroom. Crazy girls are notoriously better in bed and less inhibited than normal ones. The rule of thumb is this: Crazy=good to great in bed, Normal=you never know, Neurotic=lousy in bed. This rule has been tried and true for years, at least in my experience. Clingy and weird are just by products of the nutty ones.

Of course every guy wants to date the normal, cool girl that rocks like a porn star in the sack, but those finds are rare and usually get swiped up fast. The safe bet is that crazy in life means crazy in bed. It may not be what you want to hear, but ask any guy (who will tell you the truth) and there’s your answer. Charlie knows what I’m talking about.

Mr. In a Relationship SEE BIO NOW>

I think we all know at least one buddy whose behavior is exactly as described here. The thing to note is that there aren’t many girls out there checking a guy’s iPhone on the first date. These behaviors develop slowly over time, so at first many guys think it’s not worth the headache to argue about, or they might think it won’t happen again.

By the time the privacy issues get to the extreme described above, either the guy is scared he is too invested to leave the relationship or simply too lazy to do something about it. When a precedent isn’t set early as to personal privacy issues, personal space and the like, it’s really difficult to backtrack. That being said, sooner or later something will go down that’s too much, and if he has any regard for a manageable personal life, he’ll drop the chick. If he doesn’t, you probably won’t see him much anyway, so who cares!

GIRL TALK TIME: Have you ever seen this happen? Why do you think guys date “crazy” girls? Has a guy ever called you crazy? Why?

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  • Trish:

    It depends on what you’re calling “crazy.” Mentally ill? If so, why are you into banging mentally ill women? Sounds like you have issues yourself…
    Noncommital guy, I’m 100% that nice girls who are hot in bed are rare for *you.* Seriously, why would they give all the goods to somebody like you (non-commital). I’m one of those girls, and I wouldn’t. LOL

  • coupondeals143:


  • coupondeals143:


  • owensfamily520:

    because those crazy women are good at one thing and one thing only. and the crazier they are the better they are at that one thing.

  • avatar

    I don’t want to get into the faughts of the crazy women that the men have chosen to spend their time with because it’s their choice. I’d rather look at why they make the choice. Is it a way that to always have a reason not to make a lasting committment with their girlfriend. They can continually put off living together, an engagement, marriage, etc. But he may not mine but she will continue to whine and they might need a break.

  • rushawn thomas:

    it fuels their fire dogs not my hubby lol !

  • lollilw:

    I think another thing to consider is that people tend to vent only the bad aspects of their relationship rather than gush on the good. It’s possible that you’ll just never hear about the non-crazy things because it’s “not cool” to talk about them, but people are more likely to get on board with complaints. Also, a guy doesn’t want a negative reaction to gushing, and he might not want a “Aww, you guys should get married” reaction either, so he’s better off not mentioning it.

  • lustyds:


  • avatar

    no one is crazy until they are in a relationship.

  • Joy:

    I always like Mr Non-Commitals answers. He reminds me of alot of guys I know.

  • Crispy:

    haha love these… it’s the same for women too. I like crazy boys.. all for fun though

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=:

    Some men like the idea of trying to “tame” a crazy woman. It’s all about fueling thier egos.

  • natalie1985:

    Thanks for the answers, guys! In the end I agree with Mr. In a Relationship and Mr. Sensitive that the men just get comfy and are too lazy to actually break up with the girls. But haha to Mr. Non Committal. Not the kind of crazy I was talking about but still made me laugh.


    Mr. Loves boys too makes a good point i hadnt thought of before!!

  • Cait Rohan:

    I <3 all the answers from our men…but I’d like to bring up one point. Men often overuse the phrase “crazy” when it comes to women. I’ve had men tell me I’m being crazy when I’m just being curious, caring, etc. Have you ever had a guy call you crazy and you thought it was uncalled for? What happened?

  • ninagetatchew:

    When I read the title I was expecting crazy in a different sense lol.
    Usually they stay because theres something there that they want or are too lazy to find elsewhere. Oddly enough there are people out there that like to be with someone that smothers them.

    1. coupondeals143:

      me 2

  • avatar
    Julie Nichols:

    It’s the thrill of the chase!


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