Spotted at: Girls Night Out Boston

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Mikini Custom Swimwear was one of the most unique designers I saw. Founded by Bostonians Christina and Sean, Mikini allows you to customize your own bikini from over 50 pattern and solid color choices! Visit their website to go through the fun, three-step process. I have already picked out my favorite swatch…or four! Mix and match to create many sets for catching those summer rays!


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    This event looked awesome! I hope Pinkberry comes to NYC :-)

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    i hope we have pinkberry here in LA.

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    Sandra Vecchio:

    This was the second time. I didn’t like this one as much as the first one. The goodie bags were empty compared to the one in Nov 2010. Much better drink stations in 2010. Also liked the beer tasting in 2010. Probably won’t go again, was disappointed.

    1. Shecky's:

      Hey Sandra,

      We’re so sorry to hear about your disappointment in the event. You can always check the event page prior to the event to see what brands will be contributing to the Goodie Bags and what drinks will be available. You may submit any additional event feedback here:


  • Joy:

    Didn’t go. Watched Dancing with the Stars. I like Kristie Alley. Hope see does well. We are rooting for her.

  • talex1011:

    That was my first Shecky’s experience. It was a fun night and I would definitely do it again!

  • penelope:

    wow! you guys really had fun!

  • Danielle Grondin:

    It was a fun night!


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