Fave Spring Nail Polish Trends

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Although I claim to be a bonafide mascara fiend, if there is one product that I’d think about leaving mascara for, it would be nail polish. I mean, what better way to temporarily spice up your look than by applying nail polish? Nail polish trends have gone from New York runways to the nails of celebrities right back to regular gals like myself. Some of my favorite trends? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Just when you thought you couldn’t like anything Justin Bieber, Nicole by OPI released a Justin Bieber-inspired nail polish collection called “One Less Lonely Girl” ($7). The collection is comprised of unique shades of beautiful glitters and creams. Better than that is how purchases from this collection support Pencils of Promise (PoP), an organization that helps build better schools all over the world. Say it with me: “Aww…Justin!”


-Brittany Thomas for ClumpsOfMascara.com

Brittany founded the website ClumpsOfMascara.com to spread her love for beauty. A staunch advocate of the power of social media, Brittany has done extensive work as a social media consultant, planning and executing campaigns for a number of organizations. She is just as engaging on camera. Her effortless delivery and flair for the dramatic has earned her more than a million views on YouTube. Brittany hopes that her love for beauty can inspire young women to truly love themselves.


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  • lustyds:

    I wear white, and cottoncandy .

  • marcy777:

    I love the gold and silver glitter nail polish

  • justine82:

    I love bright funky colors for the spring and summer months I think wearing them can just put you in a better mood. But I have also tried numerous times to find a nude polish thats just the right shade!

  • diana duncan:

    Love it!

  • Lisa M:

    Ohhh love them all! Cant wait to try!

  • avatar

    Nail polish is my favorite accessory, it can make or break your funky outfit. My current every day favorite is: IT’S A GIRL by OPI. Love, love and love it… The days where I want to be a little loud but still funky I wear: CHARGED UP CHERRY by OPI. Nail polish can be used to add spice to a plain outfit, or add subtle glam to a hot outfit, either way you can never have to many nail polishes.

  • Lesley:

    Love the CND Putty the best! I’m more of a classic pink girl.

  • beautyallthat:

    The Glee colors are so pretty- loving the brights too!

  • cmb959800:

    Classic reds and pinks only! French in sunny weather.

  • annickamiles:

    I’m an Orly and OPI fan myself, but I may have to give the Nicole brand a try!

  • Joy:

    I like nail polish, but I don’t like the smell. I think they make more environmentally friendly nail polish now though. That would be the only way I would start using it again regularly.

  • Crispy:

    I don’t really stick to one specific brand. But I do like Essie alot because the texture is alot thinner and dries alot faster.

  • dyana:

    Bright colors are it! Can’t wait to have them on my nails this spring!

  • avatar

    i love anything from classic pink and nudes to bright colors. i can’t wait to try the glitter nail polishes for spring.


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