Best Makeup for Newbies

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New to makeup? It’s okay, girlfriend, not all of us were born with lipsticks in our cribs. While being a makeup newbie can be loads of fun, a lot of ladies spend a ton of money on glitzy and pretty products that they just don’t know how to use. I’ve compiled a list of five of the best makeup brands for newbies and veterans alike.

From their polishes to their 5 Color Palette Eyeshadows ($8.75) to their Mega Shine Lip Gloss ($5.50), NYX is a cruelty-free brand whose products are richly pigmented and give outstanding performances. My favorite item from them? Their Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk  ($4.50) makes for the perfect eyeshadow base.


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  • crystallz:

    I have never heard of black opal or lip flash, but I use the other products. I love my NYX lipgloss and jumbo milk pencil

  • marcy777:

    I love to use wet & Wild and Elf products they are really good products. Elf has great lip gloss & Eyeshadows! Wet & Wild has nail polish for $1. Their awesome!

  • beautyallthat:

    Nice picks! For newbies, it oughtta be easily accessible AND affordable- so drugstore products are best!

  • marcellabella:

    I too have gotten most of my brushes from E.L.F. They are awesome!!

  • avatar

    i love makeup and this a great way of trying the trends without spending to much money.

  • Lesley:

    I’m not a newbie or a pro. I have never tried any of these brands except wet and wild so will have to give them a try. Pretty colors!

  • thefashionlens:

    I’m a seasoned newbie :) And I love ELF –I get my brushes from them. They’re inexpensive and well made so I don’t feel guilty when I throw them out.

  • Joy:

    I’m a season pro. I like Bare Escentials the most.

  • Crispy:

    pretty colors! I wouldn’t say I’m a newbie but I don’t consider myself a pro either.

  • penelope:

    i have milani wet and wild and elf :)

  • Chennelopiza:

    All of these look awesome…never would have thought to try them!


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