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It was recently the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance at the Cavern Club (Feb. 9), and lest you can make a trip across the pond to where it all began or to NYC for the limited-edition run of the music-filled Broadway show Rain, there are still ways to celebrate the Fab Four right at home!

“Over-the-Hill 50th birthday parties are so yesterday! Instead, throw the special someone in your life a Beatles Birthday Blowout to commemorate the half-century they’ve lived. Use the Beatles’ music, lyrics and personalities to inspire everything from your invitations to your decorations.”

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GIRL TALK TIME: Would you host a Beatles-themed party? Is anyone in your life turning 50 soon? How will you celebrate?


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  • Terry:

    I’m having a party to celebrate the Beatles 50th Anniversary on Ed Sullivan. One of the games is Pin the Lips on Paul

  • beautys:

    I definitely would! I love the Beatles it would be a great theme for my best friends birthday!

  • ecoit107:

    I am a huge Beatles fan! I never thought of having a theme party with The Beatles as the theme… That sounds like a really fun idea. I totally have to try it!!!

  • avatar

    It seems like a cool idea.

  • ladyjny:

    The Beatles will always be in fashion :)

  • Lesley:

    Nice idea for my husband.

  • sarahnobles:

    beatles party is a neat idea

  • penelope:



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