14 Dumb Valentine’s Day Traditions

I love love, love Valentine’s Day, but even I’m willing to acknowledge the ridiculousity behind it. One day a year to tell people you love them? A day where hearts are the official symbol? …And a fat guy in a diaper (cough, cupid) injures people with arrows like this is target practice?

Alas, these three things alone are not the only things that make this “holiday” so absurd, and the folks at truTV.com and Dumb as a Blog came up with a whopping 14 reasons that V-Day is…well…dumb! [TruTv]

Photo credit: Susie Felber for truTV

GIRL TALK TIME: Do you love or hate this holiday? Why? What is the most ridiculous Valentine’s Day tradition?


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  • lustyds:

    I think Valentine’s Day is everyday when you with the one you LOVE, candy,flowers,cards and buying gifts shouldn’t be a one day a year thing so all the other days we don’t show love only on feb 14th, THAT”S CRAZY , LOVE is everyday and all year long.

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    Carmen Adorno:

    Though Valentine’s Day is sweet I enjoy it more for my daughter than for my significant other. I like doing cute fun things with my daughter, like this year she treated me to the spa for a full body massage. That was her way of saying thanks for all the love I give her thoughout the year. To me that is what makes it special. As for my boyfriend, we just chill at home, I don’t like flowers, chocolates or teddy bears so I nipped that early in the relationship. I rather hug and kiss and be into each other the other 364 days of the year as oppose to being that way for one day. Plus we save a bundle. LOL

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    Roxie D:

    I think it’s a Hallmark day. I’d rather tell my guy how much I love him EVERY day. Instead of spending a bunch of money on flowers and chocolates, cards and jewelry… I’d rather make something homemade, it means more. I’d rather get flowers “just because it’s Wednesday” (or whatever day)

  • Joy:

    I don’t mind it. Some years I really enjoyed it. This year is no big deal. But I do like the post valentines day sales on all the chocolate.

  • Crispy:

    I don’t love or hate it. I just personally think it’s a day for retailers and companies to rip people off with money, and you don’t need this specific day to show the people you care about on just one day out of the year.

  • sweeetkristen:

    Valentine’s Day is fun! I don’t think it’s necessary to go out and buy someone lavish gifts, but definitely a great day to stop–and amongst all of the hustle & bustle of busy lives–just appreciate the ones you love and show them just that.

  • GOGETTA Alana:

    A real man knows that everyday is Valentine’s DAY…

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    When I was single, I hated Valentine’s Day. But now that I’m married, it makes me appreciate my husband for everything he does for me throughout the year. We don’t exchange gifts because we know that we don’t need a holiday to force us to care about one another.

  • Lesley:

    All you have to do on Valentine’s Day is acknowledge people you love. I got the most beautiful text from my son this morning. It made my day!!! No candy, no card no stupid stuffed animal or jewelry just a text. It was beautiful!!!!

    1. sarahnobles:

      i agree

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      i totally agree.


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