Letters to Shecky’s: Super Bowl Excitement & More!

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Name: soxgal

Post: A New Closet in 7 Easy Ways

Comment: I own more clothing than fits in my closets and drawers. I’ve been trying to do this every month or so, and my local charities love the regular donations.


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    Apart from a seven-wicket defeat by Australia, DanielVettori’s men have barely shifted past second gear in beatingGroup A rivals Kenya, Zimbabwe and then Canada on Sunday.

  • Lesley:

    The Superbowl was really fun to watch even though my home team the Patriots didn’t play. It’s always a fun time to get together to watch with friends and family and I did try some of the recipes I saw on the Shecky’s. I too cannot wait till next month for Shecky’s Boston. March 24th can’t come fast enough for me!

  • Crispy:

    I cannot wait to Shecky’s Girls Night Out in Chicago for my second time this April! I went for the first time a couple years ago. One of my good friends told me about Shecky’s, and she was the one who I went with the first time, and she is the same friend I will be going again with this time around! I am very excited, since we both had a very good time the first time. I do wish Shecky’s would have it on a Friday as an option again though. Why does Shecky’s not have it on Fridays anymore? Also, I hope to meet Claudia Chan when I go this time. That would be pretty cool. As for the superbowl, I am more excited to watch the pregame, since my favorite band, Maroon 5 will be performing, with my hubby Adam! And I will watch the game of course.. but I’m not as excited since my BEARS didn’t make it. Happy Sunday! Thank you Shecky’s for everything!

  • Joy:

    Probably won’t watch the whole SuperBowl this year. After watching it for many years, I’m leaving it to the boys. I’m gonna do something girlie girl like get a massage or go shopping.


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