Best Blogger Contest Winner Announced!

Hey ladies! It was hard to pick a winner for our best blogger contest, but we’ve reached a final decision…

Our winner…is Brittany from!

What is Clumps of Mascara? According to Brittany:

“My goal is to inspire women all over to love the beauty that they already posses. To love their hair textures, skin complexions, large lips, big eyes, small eyes and everything in between. Clumps of Mascara means admitting that, ‘Yeah…I’m not perfect. But I am me. I am beautiful. And I rock.’ If I’ve inspired one, then I’ve done my job. While I get emails from ladies thanking me, I really want to thank them. It was this blog that gave me purpose and re-ignited my passion for writing. It was Clumps that went from a blog to a business that sent this small city girl on trips to meet celebrities and speak at conferences.”

Congratulations and look out for posts from Clumps of Mascara coming soon.

GIRL TALK TIME: What would you like Brittany from Clumps of Mascara to cover? Comment away (each one gets you 2 OMG Points) and she might use your ideas in her posts!


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  • Michele @

    Congratulations, she deserves it!!

  • avatar


  • Crispy:

    Awesome!! She’s great!

  • beautyallthat:

    Would like to hear about different inspirations women can have.. not everyone is in the same living,financial, etc. situation so would love to hear different sides!

  • nich:

    How to keep that youthful glow and to have the most gorgeous, lengthy lashes.

  • Lesley:

    Certainly helps me age with grace a “little” easier.

  • Joy:

    I think writing something about aging with grace.
    All those celebrities that do botox, I think would look better if they just aged naturally.


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