Claudia’s New Year’s Resolutions 2011 (Week 3: My Social Responsibility)

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January means a fresh start and resolutions for 2011. This year, I am seriously committing to a healthier me—inside and out! I have loads on my to-do list, and I’m sharing everything with you in a four-week series throughout the month of January. Week three is all about resolutions to live with a better conscious to give back. See how I’m forwarding my favorite causes, and tell me what organizations you’re supporting this year.

-Claudia Chan

My heart lies with helping women and girls across the globe, and I’m especially passionate about joining the global movement to emancipate women from sex trafficking, forced prostitution, gender inequality and violence.

I also feel strongly about fighting global poverty by unlocking women’s power as economic catalysts (there are 2-3 million prostitutes in India and China has an estimated 10 million). The most important book you’ll read this year is Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn ($10.22 on, which has opened my eyes to global issues that affect women.

Four of my favorite women’s causes are:

1. Nest


3. Vital Voices

4. Girl Up!



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  • judelka jorge-ortiz:

    love this post

  • Crispy:

    Girl Power!

  • Ada Mok:

    This is awesome. I’m going to look into it

  • avatar

    Great post!!!!!!

  • jlbean:

    Great iniatives. Check out and learn about microfinancing! You can make a woman or family’s life a better more productive place through your support!

  • Joy:

    That’s nice.


    Great Article!!

  • penelope:


  • Carol:

    Yay for everyone!
    Great idea to mention personal recycling Halli! I also collect the cold water that comes out before the hot water when taking showers. :)
    Currently support: Habitat for Humanity, Hudson Family Foundation, Clark Howard Consumer Action Center, CHOA, Cure, Team Colin (CF), Rally Foundation, Make-A-Wish GA/AL, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, & TEAM GA.

    1. Adva:

      Hay que ver que la ignorancia si es atidrvea pero lo peor de todo es la envidia que la gente pueda sentir por alguien que simplemnte no se quedo como nsotros, porque todos tenemos suef1os pero son pocos lo que lo logran y aquellos que solo saben criticar, y menospreciar a alguien es porque de alguna manera quieren un poco de esa suerte como la llaman muchos y eso les genera frustracion, envidia, e infinidad de cosas negativas, pero mi querido amigo si no le gusta algo para que lo mira porque esta mas enterado que yo de la vida de marbelle. dejeme darle un consejo si no le gusta marbelle pues no se tome la molestia de escribir tanto y dediquese a ver otras cosas que si le interesen y merezcan su apreciacion. Asi si leeria sus articulos para enterarme de cosas que solo usted se ha puesto en la tarea de investigar que bien lo felicito por toda esa informacion.Ah y consiga novia para que le quite esa amargura que lleva adentro, talvez sea eso lo que le falta una mujeer.. jajaxime

  • cicicat0620:

    I support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Texas. I have been a big sister for the past 15years. I am currently matched with my little brother. We have been matched for 8years now. I also volunteer with the organization for their fundraisers. I am generally the volunteer coordinator for the a couple of BIG events. It is most rewarding to be able to mentor a child and guide them in the right direction.

  • Heather:

    I support Girls Inc, NYC and PENCIL.

  • Halli:

    Make recycling and reusing a part of your everday lifestyle – never throw out bottles, cans, newspapers, or other items that can be easily recycled. Invest in a stainless steel water bottle to avoid the use of many of those bottles in the first place ( has great choices, as well as lots of other products to help us conserve resources).

    Use reusable dishes and containers instead of buying food in styrofoam and lots of packaging.

    Don’t throw out electronics – lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals and toxins leak out in landfills and seep into waterways and soil. Look on for places to recycle numerous items near your zipcode. In NYC, there are “electronics recycling days” coming up this weekend, and these are held every few months. Check out

    Remember, we can all do little things that add up to make a big difference!

  • jar7980:

    As a wedding planner, I support Wish Upon A Wedding which gifts weddings as a last memory to individuals with life threatening illnesses.

  • Unique Home Gifts & Accessories:

    For the past 10 years I’ve been a big supporter of Habitat for Humanity. I love the work they’ve done in our local communities (Wilmington, DE). While homeownership is very important, I can’t help but acknowledge that some people; individuals and families just want and/or need basic shelter. Our local Sunday Breakfast Mission has just completed their building expansion to be able to serve entire families — which is sad. So for now, until I will support the SBM until (hopefully soon), there will be no need.

    1. Pankaj:

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  • Chennelopiza:

    All wonderful causes! I want to look into GirlUp! to see what my daughters and I can do to raise money!


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