5 DIY Facial Masks Good Enough to Eat!

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Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to spa-status facials. Veg out by yourself or invite the girls over, and mix up these masks from ingredients you already have on hand!

-Kristina Kawas

For smaller pores and tighter skin: What better way to get rid of that leftover holiday eggnog than to pamper yourself with it?! Teen Vogue’s 30 Days of Holiday Beauty featured this eggnog-based facial mask as an effortless skin-saving treatment. It tightens, hydrates, cleanses and removes dead skin in just 10 minutes. Simply mix the ingredients together, apply, let sit for alloted time and rinse!


1/2 packet of oatmeal

3/4 cup of Egg Nog

1/2 tsp of Flax Seed Oil

A couple of dashes of clove powder



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  • Angelina Ebreo:

    This is great! Thanks you for sharing this article!

  • avatar
    kathleen doyle:

    Thank-you for this article, great way to make yourself beautiful at home , and at a cheaper cost for everyone

  • nicola brown:

    how often should i do the mask to see results

  • Crispy:

    I love masks!

  • Joy:

    I’ve never mixed my own mask before. There’s a brand called Freeman’s that is inexpensive and I think is pretty good for masks. I use that.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=:

    Looking forward to trying the acne mask on my sister!

  • avatar

    love it. i can’t wait to try these.

  • Aicha Randolph:

    I’m going to give one (or two) of these a try!

  • Lesley:

    These seem like great ideas, but I have sensitive skin and I am a little weary of putting all these foods on my face.

    1. Chennelopiza:

      You should be fine unless you are allergic to the ingredients…

  • Mary:

    These are such great ideas, and so easy! I’m excited to try them. Thanks!


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