Lavish Them with Gifts, Lazy-Style

Still looking for great gifts? Ones that won’t disappoint but won’t make too big a dent in your watch or wallet? Us too. Recessionwire has some great (and easy!) gift ideas to suit anyone on your list.

Call me a Grinch, but the holidays are never more daunting than when you’re sitting down to make your shopping list for friends and family. After so many years, you’ve probably cycled through the same items many times over (I know I have!). So here are some ideas and commentary from the folks at who suggest they’re for “lazy gift-givers.” I sure hope my family isn’t reading this, but I probably fall into that category. Hope you find this as helpful as I did, and if you’ve got additional advice, please add to the list in the comments below. Happy holidays!


Gift cards. That are up to 30% discounted. What’s not to love? That means you can buy the people on your “nice” list cards for some of the top retailers, restaurants, movie theaters and even airlines without breaking the bank.

2. Whatever of the Month Clubs

For everyone on your list, there’s a gift of the month club—bacon of the month, beer of the month, jam of the month (for the Christmas Vacation fans out there)—so get your creative juices flowing. Murray’s in New York even has a meat of the month club delivered nationwide—a gift that keeps giving year round.

3. Netflix / Hulu

Who doesn’t love movies? Purchase a gift certificate for Hulu Premium so your gift recipient can stream the newest shows without all the ads.


You can use your own photos to print out aprons, coasters, mugs, key chains, etc. This is one of those gifts that will make you look like you really gave it the personal touch. Just upload a photo on a site and let it do all the hard work.


Spafinder takes the spa gift certificate to the next level. Let your recipient pick out the spa and the treatment without putting your bank account in the red.

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GIRL TALK TIME: Do you still need to buy gifts this year? Have you heard of any of these sites? Will you buy gifts from any of them?


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  • ecoit107:

    I have so many gift cards that I don’t know what to use them for… That Cardpool website seems incredible and super useful!!

  • avatar

    Great Ideas!! Never even knew that there was a bacon of the month club :-)


    I’ve been a total grinch this year! 5 days b4 Christmas and i still havent even started my shopping….=-(

  • Lesley:

    These are great ideas!!! I would like to receive any of these gifts especially the spa gift! Gift cards are always a great gift especially for my children.

  • Joy:

    Good ideas. For women, the spa thing is always a good one.

  • avatar

    I will have to give Cardpool a try!

    1. avatar

      me too!!

  • Crispy:

    I’m finished with my shopping.. but these looks helpful and interesting… heard of shutterfly


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