Dating Secret: How to Make His Day

Suzy is one of my all-time favorite personal matchmaking clients, currently topping the success charts here at Cupid’s Coach. At the some-would-say-challenging age of 58, Suzanne is receiving consistently favorable post-date evaluations and during the past year with us, she has had three men interested in pairing off with her. Count them, three…! That’s what I call an admirable situation.

I called Suzanne this morning to pry out her secret for having such a positive dating experience, and she said she’d reveal her strategy, but only if I promised to share it with you, so here’s the thing….

Suzanne’s Success Strategy (which she says works 100% of the time): She claims it’s her mission to Make His Day. When she’s leaving a voice mail message, replying to an email or in person on the date, she looks for ways to brighten his world and enrich his life. She said, “In other words, ask not what he can do for me or be for me, but rather…what can I be for him? What can I do for him that just might Make His Day?

“Dating” says Suzanne, “is a great opportunity to practice flexibility,” as she knows it’s a skill that will serve her well once in relationship. The man she said yes to for exploring an exclusive relationship is Peter, and I just dug up his early post date evaluations. After their third date he raved to me about how she’s always happy to drive to his neighborhood or to meet him half-way, rather than always expecting him to schlep to her.

Peter also commented about how refreshing it is to be with a woman who is game for anything—the upscale restaurant they had in mind for their date was packed, and they ended up at the deli over soup and an ice cream sundae. He was worried that she’d be disappointed, but she was happy, which made him happy. In fact, her ability to roll with the punches literally…made his day. (His exact words…wild, huh?)

Peter and Suzanne have been seeing each other exclusively for five months now, and last month I received the most lovely thank you card from him in the mail.

Suzanne is doing lots right, and I’m glad to have this chance to share her success strategies with all of you. Love on, folks!

-Julie Ferman of Cupid’s Coach

Julie Ferman is Cupid’s Coach. She’s a personal matchmaker and dating coach, responsible for over 1,100 marriages.

Julie founded her personal matchmaking and dating coaching service, Cupid’s Coach to dignify and simplify the love search process for selective, relationship-minded professionals. The company is currently California’s largest, fastest growing personal introduction service and is rapidly expanding, with 50 locations throughout the U.S.

Julie met her husband of 20 years through a proactive love search of her own, and has spent every day since helping the rest of us fall in love and stay in love. Julie Ferman knows the love business and is eager to share her secrets with us.

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GIRL TALK TIME: Whether you’re single or attached, how do you make a guy’s day? Let us know your secrets for snagging them and making them stay!


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  • lustyds:

    The story was nice thanks for the information.

  • nich:

    I have been dating a wonderful guy for six months and I am learning to go with the punches and like the article said, “make his day”. To me finding cool inexpensive date ideas, to being ok with a less elaborate date, or me just being a constant encouragement to him. Men need encouragement and sincere love from the women in their life!
    Thanks Julie!!!:-) I love your articles

  • Danae:

    Hi Julie,

    Glad to see this post. Think initial dating is like dancing – you have to follow their lead. I think showing sincere interest in what they have to say is important – that naturally leads into wanting to “make their day.” I also agree that it’s important not to do too much too soon – in my younger days, I scared off a number of suitors that way! Let the man lead, it makes them feel more like a man, and makes the woman more feminine. Flexibility and a positive attitude are key. So where’s my match?

  • Joy:

    Nice tip but it only works for a guy that is deserving and appreciates it. I’ve been like that for a guy and he just walked all over me. I put a stop to that.

  • Lisa M:

    Great advise!

  • Lesley:

    This makes total sense. If you makes your man happy he is definitely going to make you happy!!!

  • jennifer diaz:

    hahaha @ Sonia that is always a plus for them! My fiance is a fan of surprised just because. He’s simple so thats what I love most about him. He doesnt need the extravagant things to be happy. The little things matter to him just like they matter to me! He’s big on baseball, im not but for him I suck it up & go to him games or to watch his fave teams. Sacrifice & being selfless is always big in a relationship.

  • avatar

    My husband loves when I go to sporting events with him.

  • Crispy:

    Sense of humor is always important

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=:

    My hubby loves homemade baked goods so whenever I want to treat him “just because”, I’ll whip up a batch of cookies, muffins, or a cheesecake.


    I think being flexible is a huge deal, when things tend not to go our way we tend to sulk/pout, and i think being flexible helps out a relationship

  • penelope:

    nice tips

  • Lucie:

    For my boyfriend wearing something that he just loves to see me in puts such a smile on his face, he melts in my arms and its priceless.

  • avatar

    Make him dinner, so when he comes home, he can unwind and enjoy my cooking. a way to a man’s heart is FOOD. Never fails, it surely works on my bf.

  • Sonia Chowdhury:


  • avatar

    I’ll give him a back rub or surprise him with something I know he likes.


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