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We recently asked you to submit your best girls night out stories and now we’re pleased to announce our five winners. From hilarious times at Shecky’s Girls Night Out to outings and trips you took on your own, each of these funny or heart-warming tales proves that the mission behind Shecky’s is true: Your girlfriends are a source of nurture, strength…and endless laughter.

Each winner scores:

  • The top five stories featured BELOW, as well as mentions on Shecky’s Facebook and Twitter
  • 500 OMG Points*
  • VIP ticket for you and your girlfriends to Girls Night Out in your city**

AND we’re rewarding all the ladies who submitted*** with:

  • 500 OMG Points*


My girlfriend was feeling down because she had finally made the decision to divorce her husband. So to get her out of her funk, we decided to jump in her newly acquired SUV and just hit the road.

A friend of ours was in New Mexico, so we took a road trip, stopping and exploring various places. We were amazed at the snow as we drove through the mountains—we talked, we laughed, we cried. Before we knew it, we were in New Mexico. We met some people that directed us to a club…and the night was on. We drank and danced till dawn!

We visited our friends the next day, and spent the rest of the day at the best wineries and bistros. The road trip was the best ever and my girlfriend is dating again.



My girlfriend, who happens to be a former colleague of mine, introduced me to Shecky’s. My girlfriends are always fashionably late to events, while I am always on time anywhere I go. So they tell me to wait on the line as they’re still upstate picking everyone up.

We finally get in after waiting and the first thing we think of doing is running to get our Goodie Bags! Since this is my first visit to Shecky’s, I am carrying my big purse from work, two bags of food containers from work and my Goodie Bag. I walk around with all of these bags, simultaneously trying on the merchandise from all of the vendors, and sweating to death. It felt like a workout, and my experienced Shecky’s girlfriends looked at me like I was a Shecky’s rookie.

I don’t drink, but I decided to try the “pink lemonade.” My girlfriends looked at me in awe because they had never seen me drink before. After drinking so much of the “pink lemonade,” and going back for more, my adrenaline began to rise and I looked like I was in a marathon trying to get the most out of Shecky’s. I will never forget that day. Although I came unprepared (with loads to carry around), it was a beautiful first experience.


GT Lenard

My best girls night out was actually a girls night IN back in high school. My four best friends and I had a party over Christmas week and stayed up all night—just eating and talking and laughing at stupid, silly things. That night was over four decades (!!!) ago, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

I had a picture of that group, taken on that very night, that I used to carry around with me; I lost it years ago and thought it was the end of the world until I realized that I didn’t need a picture to remind me how much I love those dear girls, now all grown up.



For my bridal shower we had a nice big group go out to a club where male dancers were to perform. There were moms and grandmas together with daughters, cousins, friends, etc.

We were caught by surprise when the show started and we soon realized that the dancers would perform nude and strip!!! Can you imagine our moms’ faces! And the grandmas’ faces?!



I heard about Shecky’s through a friend of mine. I checked to see when the next tour would come to Atlanta, and when I saw the dates, I decided it would be a nice gift to my niece for her 40th birthday!

I got the tickets for the night of her birthday, November 17, and she was so excited and had a great time. As a matter of fact, with it being my first time, we all had a blast!!! I am so glad we went. Thanks so much for choosing our city as one of your tour cities.

*Regarding points:

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**Regarding VIP tickets:

You must be 21 years or older to attend Shecky’s Girls Night Out. Proper ID will be required at the door. Each VIP ticket includes one (1) General Admission and one (1) Shecky’s Goodie Bag. Contents and value of individual Goodie Bags vary. VIP tickets cannot be redeemed for cash or validated for a different event after the winner has selected the event of their choice. Winner is required to provide their full name so that Shecky’s may add the winner, plus up to five (5) guests, to the VIP list for Girls Night Out. All of the VIP tickets will be released to the winner at the event. The winner should check-in at the VIP/COMP table. For further terms and conditions, please review our full Event Ticket Policy>

***Regarding stories:

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    awwwww. congrats

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    Love the Stories :-)

  • Sonia Chowdhury:

    Had a great time at Sheckys on the 15th in NYC. Can’t for March!! woo hoooo.

  • rlaguer:

    OMG… Yesterday was the first time I attended!! What an amazing experience. I’m a single mom who’s been running on empty for a long time. A girlfriend of mine invited me to the event 2 months ago. I paid the tickets inadvance to make sure a marked that date for some girl time.. It was so worth it.. I can’t wait for the next one.. It felt like walking into a candy store for the first time!! Thanks Shecky’s..

  • Veronica:

    Thanks for selecting my story and I am soooo excited! Looking forward to you coming back to Atlanta in April. I’m getting my girlfriends all ready for our night out. I know they will have a blast! Thanks again!!!

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    Sounds like GREAT TIMES!!!

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    Great stories ladies!

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    Congrats! Loved all the stories!

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    Thank you for letting me share my story of the best friends I ever had–the dear girls I still love now so many years later! <3

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    Thank you for picking me! OMG! I thought we had to post a Sheckys girls night out Oh well..congrats to all!

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    Thank u so much Im so Happy That i won cant wait to share the Joy with my girlfriends they will love the next event..

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    Congrats to all the winners.

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    this contest should have been strictly limited to sheckys girls night out only!!!

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    Congrats to all the ladies that won :)

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    Great winners!


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