Best New Women in Business

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We’re still celebrating Women’s Small Business Month, so we wanted to spotlight some women who’ve taken that first lightbulb of an idea and worked away on it till it was reality, inspiring all of us to take action and do the same. We may throw Girls Night Outs across America, but we’ve included some finds from across the pond too. Please give a warm welcome to…

-Lynden Halpern

Who: Chris Luhur

What: Scarpasa

Where: and 131 Varick Street Suite 1016, New York, NY

Why: Founder Chris always found herself in crisis when she had to get ready for work or going out, struggling over which shoes looked best, but also which shoes were most comfortable. To combat her constant battle between fashion and function, she decided to start Scarpasa, a service that brings you totally cute shoes with totally reasonable heel heights. The easy-to-navigate site allows you to search by brand, style, occasion, size, color and best of all, heel height! Try this one on for size (and comfort!).


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