Would You Ever Wear a Bra with THIS Built In?

Today’s sexy find is a topic that’s really fail or fave…would you ever wear a bra with built-in nipples? I heard it through the grapevine that Victoria’s Secret has been selling such bras, but I couldn’t find any on the site to show off, just a regular ol’ Miraculous Bra (boo!). But after conducting some research, it seems that yes, the Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra has been sold with or without fake nipples for the past few months.

My research yielded some other fabulous finds. I uncovered a message board on Victoria Secret’s Facebook page (of course it’s entitled “Nipple Bra?”), where even employees question if this bra is actually sellable.

I also discovered that this concept is not new. Multiple sites featured an ad from the ‘70s with an old-school nipple bra (and that one has a picture, look!). The ad claims: “The look is so provocative, no one would believe you’re actually wearing a bra yet you get all of the support you want. Our exclusive braless-look-bra is the very first bra to have its own built in nipple. Imagine having that sensual cold weather look all the time. It’s so sexy, it’ll give your shape a whole new eye-opening dimension.” Ummm…. On the odd occasion that I have noticed someone’s nipples sorta-visible, I’ve thought it to be accidental and a total style screw-up, not something sexy and done on purpose in public.

Ladies, this is the wrong way to get a guy’s number. “Yeah, I totally picked up a guy wearing my new nipple bra.” Welp, congrats on snagging a stud. With your fake nips. What happens when he eventually learns that they’re not for-real like that? I think this would cause more awkward situations than it would good. “Dude, I was dating this chick, but I dumped her because I don’t like girls with fake nipples.” Not okay!!!

As the owner of boobs that could use some oomph, I truly appreciate that the Miraculous takes me up two full cup sizes (I can attest that it works). But adding fake nipples? I think that might be enhancing my boobs too much.

-Cait Rohan

GIRL TALK TIME: Have you seen this type of bra in Victoria’s Secret? What was your immediate reaction? What do you think? Would you ever wear a bra with fake nipples?

Would you ever wear a bra like this?

  • Uhhh, never. (92%)
  • Interesting, I might consider it. (8%)
  • Yes!!! Great idea. (0%)
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  • Bea Peepin:

    Instead of wearing an open cup or shelf bra to promote a little THO, this bra provides support against the “dreaded sag.”

    Under a tight sweater, silk blouse or polo shirt is can be very erotic.

    This is no different than a push up bra with a low cut blouse or a high cut slit skirt with stockings.

    Work you assets ladies.
    The mind is the most powerful sex organ that a man has – tease it!

  • ace:

    I would just to be different……

  • Roberta Judd:

    I’m in the middle of reconstrutive surgery from breast cancer and may not be able to have the nipples rebuilt hence the pros of such a bra to make one feel more female. I’d love to find bras like this. pardon the spelling errors please and thank you.

  • Michelle:

    This bra is an insult to all women. Only a true bimbo would wear this!

  • J J:

    Def would get attention — I think its a great idea if you are wearing a padded bra & trying to pull it off like it is your boob & not the padding what better way to have it look more real than to show a hint of nip !! For all the girls that opt not to get boob jobs or are not happy with their size go for it !! Live & let Live Screw the haters!!

  • J J:

    Def an attention getter! if we are trying to say we wear padded bras not to get attention … please! I say there is something for every1– live & let live– nips are nips — alot of peeps think they are sexy & if you want someone to think its your BooB & not the PADDING what better way to pull it off then to show a hint of nipple !

  • Celeste:

    I was at Victoria’s Secret today looking at the big semi annual sale, and while rummaging through the bins of bras I saw one of these. At first I just tossed it too the side, but as I moved the bra I felt a ‘nipple’ and thought wtf was that. So i flipped it over for a closer look, and sure enough it had fake nipples. It left me pondering who in the hell would buy one, especially at the regular price of like $50. No wonder it was on clearance. Not only did it have nipples, but they seemed extra big and fake. Just weird.

  • dali:

    I fail to see how making your breast look two sized bigger is any different from looking like you have hard nipples. It’s still a modification and you’re still selling a lie. If anything the nipple thing is less fake than the illusion of much larger boobs because we all do have nipples and they do get hard. I find the bra a bit stupid – if you want that look then just don’t wear one – but I’m also the person who hates push up bras. Don’t sell what you don’t have, it’s disappointing and embarrassing.

  • themrs22:

    i am not going to lie, i have never saw it…..but i would so wear it, im kinda small up there so if you get the right size it would look very real in a nice shirt…is that sluty?

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  • amfries8767:

    this is so bad. I would never wear this!

  • avatar

    LOL where do u wear it 2? Wet T-shirt contest or Halloween maybe… This is def. not a regular wear item.

  • avatar

    Headlights 101: Tacky, just like if you can see any part of your bra sticking out of your shirt.

  • xilonem:

    ive never heard of it and would never wear it!!that’s ridiculous i guess someone that needs the attention might want it…

  • Kay:

    lol…. NO!

  • Angelina Ebreo:

    I might wear it!

  • Sonia Chowdhury:


  • Megan Melone:


  • avatar

    so gross

  • HypeT:

    Absolutely not – it’s so vulgar!


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