Music Mondays: Checking in With Christina Aguilera

WHO: Christina Aguilera

WHAT: “You Lost Me”

WHERE: See her “You Lost Me” video on

WHY: Post Mickey Mouse Club fame, Christina re-entered the scene at the tender age of 19 with Genie in a Bottle, winning us over with her powerhouse vocals, platinum blonde hair and that awesome fringed belly shirt. Christina’s moved on since her Stripped days and it’s never been more apparent than it is on Bionic. While we may or may not request ditties from Dirrty when we’re out circa every Saturday night, her new video for “You Lost Me” is touching and mature, a clear upgrade from multi-colored extensions and leather chaps.

Clad in all black (and later all white), Christina is au naturel despite some dramatic eye makeup and glossy red lips, and has rarely (if ever) looked better. The melody to “You Lost Me” is slow and sweet, as are the lyrics where she claims, “My world’s been infected and somehow you left me neglected.” Christina sounds and looks beautiful and we couldn’t be more happy for her comeback.

-Lynden Halpern

GIRL TALK TIME: What’s your favorite Christina Aguilera song? Who are your favorite women musicians? Are you adding this song to your Monday playlist?


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    another great female singer my fav genie in a bottle

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    lisa riede:

    she is an amazing performer in all that she does

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    Beautiful is my favorite but i’m looking forward to her new album

  • tuki:

    She has an amazing voice and I like the new single “you lost me” :)

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  • nich:

    I saw her in concert she is great and my favorite Christina song is “Beautiful”.

  • Bridget:

    I LOVE Christina – always have!


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